LDJ Capital, The Soho Loft Conferences and Victoria Global support the Family Office & Endowment Investment Forum in Hyatt Regency Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada organized by the Opal Financial Group

NEW YORKApril 4, 2016 – Asset managers, consultants, investors, single and multi-family offices, foundations and endowments, and related professionals are expected to come together on April 4-5, 2016 at the Hyatt Regency Toronto for this much-anticipated conference.

LDJ Capital Chairman David Drake says, “Canadian investors and related professionals will benefit from this conference. They will learn the new trends and strategies in real estate. The participants will also be able to associate with the industry’s experts.”

The two-day event will feature panel discussions. The topics are: emerging trends in real estate; structuring a family office 101; navigating the challenges of the trustee/beneficiary relationship; impact investing: returns that have benefits; CIO outsourcing; next generation: sustainability for your future; importance of manager selection; as well as  monitoring and advisory of tax and legal services.

The event’s speakers include:

CEO, Partner, Trypuc Philanthropic Office
CFA, Vice President, Proteus
Chief Investment Officer, PenderFund Capital Management
CIO, Asper Foundation
Divisional Vice President, North America, Pluristem Therapeutics
Executive Director, Tel Aviv University
Founder, Iva Kaufman Associates
Managing Director, GAM Consulting & Advisory Services
President/Chief Investment Officer, Statim Holdings, Inc. (SFO)
Senior Managing Director, Prime Quadrant LP (MFO)

The conference’s media partners include Bloomberg Brief, CVCA, Family Office Elite Magazine, Markets and Markets, IntegriData, Victoria Global, Fintrx, The Soho Loft Media Group, VC Experts, LDJ Capital, Executive Global, EMIA and Alpha Journal.

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