Advertise Beta

Here at thecrowdfundnetwork, we’re growing by leaps and bounds! In an effort to keep bringing you the features you’ve come to know and love, and to keep up with the growing popularity, we’re looking to add a limited amount of topical advertisements to certain parts of our site as sponsored stories.

To project owners:

So, now that you know what we’re looking for, let’s talk about what we want to do for you. We know most of you wouldn’t be crowdfunding on websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo if you had the money to spend on expensive advertising campaigns, and we want to give you the opportunity to increase your exposure in the categories that matter most to you. This is why we are making the decision to offer both low-cost advertising options for longer time periods in a general rotation as well as more expensive and limited front-page ads. Our goal is to make advertising accessible for anyone so you can get the most out of every single advertising dollar.

We want to empower you to see what sort of exposure you receive for your money, so we’ve developed an entire metrics console just for your advertisements.


Slots are going to be limited, so let’s cover what you’re signing up for:

1. Opportunity of a 14-day or more general rotation for only $10/day USD.

2. Opportunity of less than 14 day general rotation for only $15/day USD.

3. Be a tester for the back-end advertising analytics beta.

4. Your advertisement must be for a Crowdfunding project & must link to a crowdfunding campaign page URL.

5. Your advertisement images must adhere to a strict “no animations” policy and must be of around 300dpi high resolution image or higher.

If you are looking for more context-specific metrics, currently we don’t have a robust system to obtain them. Part of the development of this pilot will be compiling them, so we’ll be able to give them to you soon.

Get Featured - $499 - Limited slots. 7 Days Sponsored Story and Rotational Featuring on Front Page Top Slider!