The new CarVi app helps its users analyze and rate their driving skills.

SAN JOSE, CALIF.—Safer drivers make safer roads for everyone, which is why the new CarVi app is gaining popularity among mothers of teenagers, children of senior citizens, and commuters who log many hours in the driver’s seat. CarVi’s Smartphone application works in conjunction with a dashboard camera to analyze driving skills so that users can improve their driving and decrease their odds of experiencing an auto collision. Creators of the CarViapp plan to launch an Indiegogocrowdfunding campaign on Jan 21, 2015, to help launch the product.

CarVi operates as a personalized interactive driving coach, available any time of day and any day of the week. Putting a team of virtual driving experts at hand, CarVi uses a smartphone and a small dashboard camera to provide real-time hazard warnings while it also collects data on driving skill. “CarVi is a coach, a co-pilot, a teacher, and a cheerleader all wrapped up into one app,” said CarVi, Inc., founder Kevin Lee. “It tracks all of your driving habits – both the good and the bad – to help improve your driving skills and cultivate safer driving habits.”

The multi-functional CarVi app monitors common driving mistakes – such as poor lane change positioning, front-end collision danger from tailgating, hard braking, and jackrabbit starts – and gives users their driving score for the day, based on that data. “The idea is to applaud good behavior and supply feedback for areas that need improvement,” said Lee. “We don’t expect drivers to alter the way they drive immediately, but we do hope to help them change their habits over time.”

CarVi’s vision based, information-gathering features are normally found on high-end cars but are now available to anyone with the app. Driving schools and driving students can benefit from the product’s teaching and tracking functions while parents can rest easier knowing their teenager or aging parents are being closely monitored on the road.


CarVi’s technology was developed by engineer Kevin Lee. CarVi uses image recognition technology – primarily object recognition and pattern recognition – as its core technology for ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) based on computer vision technique and algorithms, such as recognition of the road lanes, recognition of vehicles, distortion correction, and image synthetic for image processing. Its proprietary Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) and Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) make CarVi an innovator in driver safety. For more information, visit


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