You’ve probably heard this before: social networking websites are a gold mine for ingenious entrepreneurs, who are determined to pursue their start-up ideas. However, not all social media platforms are the same; they function based on different terms and conditions and they display different advantages. Thus, some may be much more suitable for business savvy people who want to bring their brand in the public eye and raise capital via crowdfunding.

For instance, recent studies indicate that LinkedIn is one of the best online environments where you can promote your fundraising initiative in a highly-effective manner. Why? The answer is not hard to guess: mostly because it enables you to interact with ambitious, enthusiastic professionals driven by similar interests.

In this particular situation, individuals who rely on crowdfunding to grow their business shouldn’t have any trouble reaching a larger number of potential clients, investors and even brand evangelists through LinkedIn. Want to tap the full potential of this highly-beneficial social media platform? Here are a few tips and useful info that will make things a whole lot simpler for you.

Why LinkedIn Is the Paradise of Crowdfunding Enthusiasts

Surprisingly, approximately 48 percent of all the Linkedin users active in 2013 have cataloged “crowdfunding” as one of their skills. Moreover, this platform has no less than 508 crowdfunding groups that include active members who are looking for financial aid for their new creative projects. These numbers accentuate the fact that a constant presence on Linkedin, correlated with the right strategies, could be far more beneficial than all those hours spent on Facebook and Twitter, in an attempt to spread the word about your company, product or service.

LinkedIn’s Unwritten Networking Rules

If you think that you can make a name for yourself on LinkedIn in less than 24 hours, then you’re terribly wrong. Bold objectives should always be paired with a consistent attitude, extensive research, transparency and personalized marketing strategies. In addition, note that the social reach of this platform is different than the one associated with Twitter or Facebook.

In order to promote your content, first you have to build a relationship with other people who use LinkedIn. Then you have to use your connections to reach a broader audience, by requesting introductions to individuals who may help you grow your business and support your cause, one way or another.

The best thing that you can do is to start early. Even if your product is still in its first development phase, let your audience know what you’re working on. This will help you earn their trust and make them more familiar with your concept and your crowdfunding efforts. Create a complete, cohesive profile and browse the database daily, to identify new leads and important connections that could guide your start-up in the right direction. Also, don’t forget to distribute your content on other social networking sites, to obtain better feedback and boost your online presence.


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