If you can’t afford to turn your dream into reality, choose to discover a whole new world of possibilities by rolling out a successful crowdfunding campaign. An online fundraising initiative guided in the right direction is as valuable as an entire set of personalized marketing strategies: it brings your brand into the spotlight without burning deep holes in your pocket.

As a matter of fact, numerous people who choose to rely on a crowdfunding platform to raise capital and create buzz around their new product or service actually manage to reach their target the easy way. Of course, those who do not count on effective promotion strategies aren’t as fortunate. Nonetheless, you should know that social media platforms and crowdfunding campaigns go extremely well together and open the doors to business success sooner than expected. Learn how to use these gigantic social networking sites to your advantage and start to improve your crowdfunding campaign, today.


At this point in time, Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites worldwide. It gathers no less than 1.11 billion users from different parts of the globe, all eager to interact with friends, family members and even celebrities.

So, why not take advantage of its enormous marketing potential? Create and maintain a focused, well-organized Facebook page that represents your new concept in an appropriate manner. Bond with potential backers, update your content at least on a weekly basis and make sure you deliver relevant, pertinent, interesting info (videos, images, infographics and short articles). Remember to post links to your other crowdfunding resources available on social media platforms.


Twitter takes the idea of online endorsement to a whole new level. Did you know that this gigantic platform enables business owners to purchase tweets from people considered role models by different categories of Internet users?

Yes, you can actually buy tweets from your favorite celebrities, who influence the behavior and the daily choices of millions of potential buyers. What are you waiting for? Start by creating your very own message board, where you can talk freely about the progress of your ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Be convincing: highlight your mission, vision and purpose in business and don’t forget to mention the rewards that may very well encourage your followers to re-tweet your posts and enhance your online visibility.


Despite the fact that Google+ is not as popular as Twitter and Facebook, it still offers you numerous opportunities to promote your brand both directly and indirectly. For instance, if you already count on blogs to bring your business to the next level and reach a higher number of fans and followers, you could also use Google authorship to build a solid online reputation and boost your traffic.

Bottom line: excellent social media strategies — developed, perfected and implemented according to the terms and the specific features of each social networking website — can help you revitalize your crowdfunding campaign.

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