The recently launched DuoBoost Solar Case on Indiegogo promises to do away with the constant need of wall charging on your iPhone 5.

“We originally wanted to get rid of wall charging completely. This is as close a solution as we have, while still retaining all the features of good design and not having to take of your phone skin while using it”, said T. Ken, Product Developer,

The DuoBoost Solar Case combines several things in one - a powerbank, a solar charger and also a protective case. It snaps on easily to any iPhone 5, 5c and 5s and is designed to form a single piece device together with your iPhone. With built-in back-up capacity of 2600mAh, high conversion solar panels and a full solar charge time of 10-12 hours, the DuoBoost Solar Case specifically caters for outdoor, emergency and on-the-go charging.

“The problem with Powerbanks or back-up batteries are that you’d have to carry two devices everywhere you go. And these back-up power devices themselves need to be charged at some point. Our product allows for charging anywhere via solar power and you only carry a single item in your pocket with no unsightly wires or cables”, said Ken.

“It is very easy to use, doesn’t contain any extra jacks or fixtures, and more importantly doesn’t interfere with the rest of your iPhone functionalities. To prolong battery life, each of these cases are fitted with over-charging and battery protection circuitry”, added Ken.

One of the unique features of the DuoBoost Solar Case is the ability for users to keep the phone protective skin on while being used or placed in the solar case. In fact, each Duoboost Solar Case comes with a specially made stylish protective phone skin.

Users will also be able to choose from a wide color range of these special skins, including limited edition silver and gold for iPhone 5s users. The skins are drop-resistant tested and can be used independently on its own.

With an eventual pricing point of US$75-85, inclusive of the specially designed skin, the DuoBoost Solar Case aims to be an affordable alternative for portable charging.

Recently launched on Indiegogo, the DuoBoost Solar Case is currently in crowdfunding stage ( ) and slated for initial production in April 2014.

About the DuoBoost Solar Case

Product development carried out in  Melbourne, Australia by T.Ken, Product Developer for, an initiative dedicated for new technology and product design.

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