Say, for example, you wanted a dog skull but did not want to remove said bone mass from a living dog. What to do? If you’re the team behind Quinn, the 3D-printable posable doll, you’d make and sell a set of models that you can print out on your Makerbot or similar device.

The Kickstarter project is quite interesting. Essentially you are buying a set of files – skulls from dogs, dragons, goats, humans, and Alyssa Milano (not really) – and you can print them out without supports, which is a pretty big deal.

For $35 you get all three kits emailed to you when they’re complete. The creators, 3DKitBash will email them to you.

Founded by artists Natalie Mathis and Quincy Robinson, 3DKB aims to make fun stuff you can download and print. They are selling something very unusual – 3D object files – and I hope their model takes off. Considering they already blew past their $500 funding request to about $3,000 it’s clear they’re onto something.

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