The new software is available on Google play. Simplifying current events into comprehendible “gems,” the app for Android Wearable devices allows the public to have a wide glance at all events and trends occurring throughout the world.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.— Corporation has developed propriety software that makes news and trending stories more straightforward so that readers can learn important information at a glance. A new app, Gem Wear KeyPoints, was designed specifically for Android Wear smart watches, such as the Moto 360 by Google and the Samsung Gear Live. It is now available for smart watches and smartphones on Google Play.

Keeping up with current events can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Corporation attempts to simplify the copious amounts of information found in blogs and in the news into neat little “gems,” allowing the reader to be informed of the most important and relevant topics. The new software created by the company uses an innovative processing technique, in which the software views all content then presents key points to its users. The corporation is the first to offer this type of app for Android Wear smart watch users.

Users of Gem Wear KeyPoints have the opportunity to get the latest news and trends through their smart device, such as a smart watch, and receive updates every thirty minutes that include new “gems.” Each gem is comprised of a title, the news’ key points, and three fundamental sentences, giving the reader an idea of the original content at a glance. Information from across the globe can be easily compared in this simplified format. Software users are able to share and organize news and interest stories easily. Individuals can customize their account in order to receive only the information that they are interested in. Depending on the user’s interests, the app may display updates on a variety of topics including sports, technology, finance, arts, interior design, political news, entrepreneurship, etc.

Steve X Chen, the founder and CEO of Corporation, foresees many valuable uses for the new software beyond news displays. Businesses may be able to use the software to showcase their content into “gems,” which would give potential clients a glance at their work. The new software can be downloaded at


About Corporation: Corporation’s founder, Steve Chen, wants to simplify news stories for the public. Short, relevant, and up-to-date news stories can be found on the company’s website at Individuals or businesses can sign up for a user account through the website to start receiving “gems.” Android users may also purchase the new app at Google Play.


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