Super Salad
Look! A way to super-charge salads.

To stay stimulated on the cheap, a powdered product made for adults lets caffeine fiends keep their energy levels high without the high cost. Just don’t go snorting it.

Touted as the “world’s first non-bitter caffeine in a handy shaker bottle,” CaffeinAll is a white powder (insert your blow jokes here) that you shake on food or mix up with a beverage. It costs about 9 cents per dose and each bottle contains roughly 200 doses (one dose roughly equals the caffeine in one cup of coffee).

Ready to get your fix, you dragged-out junkie? Caffex, the maker of CaffeinAll, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its stay-awake powder. You can preorder one bottle for $15 or go for broke and buy 100 bottles for $960.

Yes, it’s cheaper than a nasty coke habit and 100 percent more legal, but some risks remain. Stay safe.

“Imagine the freedom from not needing to stay in line at Starbucks for that 16 oz. Cafe Latte or run to the convenience store to be Red Bullied. Imagine, instead, that you are the creator of your own energy food. Better yet — don’t just imagine. Make it happen.” the company states on Indiegogo.

“Not only will you have more time, but also more energy too for that gym workout or dancing away the night the way you always wanted.”

Not convinced? Check out the promo video.

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