Catering to women who wear uncommon shoe sizes, Autograf New York is seeking crowdfunding to help launch its label.

NEW YORK—For women who wear uncommon shoe sizes, comfort, and fashion are difficult characteristics to find in a pair of shoes. Mass-produced products sold from major retailers are often ill-fitting and fall short of larger sizes, but startup business Autograf New York is looking to offer a new way for women in size 10 through 15 to find quality shoes. The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $25,000 by January 14 to help finance the equipment required to make quality hand-made shoes for women in larger sizes.

The desire to provide stylish shoes for women with larger than average feet comes naturally to Autograf New York’s founder and creative director Monika Kusinska who wears a size 12 shoe. Kusinska, who has more than 15 years of experience designing women’s fashion and produced designs for Ann Taylor, Fossil, and other major brands, created Autograf New York as part of her own search for comfortable, well-made shoes. “When I was a young adult, I couldn’t find shoes in my size, so I was always squeezing my feet into shoes that were too small for me,” said Kusinska. “As a result, I had terrible foot problems that required surgery to correct.”

Creating shoes for larger sizes is a challenge as a larger foot is not simply bigger all around. Larger feet are longer and leaner than average size feet. In order to create extended sizes, Autograf New York has to invest in suitable equipment, such as new lasts, which are foot-shaped forms used in the shoemaking process. “My goal is to bring luxury Italian shoes to the United States for all sizes, including the very small and the very large,” said Kusinska. “My next goal will be to implement half-sizes.”

In order to reach her goal and help launch Autograf New York, Kusinska has launched a “Size Matters” crowdfunding campaign to raise funds. Contributors to the campaign will enjoy a range of perks from a calendar, custom-design cards, a mouse pad, and an 8×10-inch or 12×18-inch canvas design. Starting at a $75 contribution, supporters will receive shoes – specifically, fall flats. Contributors giving $100 will receive a 40 percent discount off the purchase of any boots. Those giving $175 will receive a 12×36-inch canvas featuring shoe illustrations designed by Kusinska as well as 25 percent off any style of shoes from Autograf New York. Starting at the $200 contribution level and ranging all the way to $2,500, supporters will receive deep discounts on Autograf New York’s handmade shoes and boots.

About Autograf New York, Inc.:

A line of fine Italian leather boots and shoes, Autograf New York was created by designer Monika Kusinska in 2014. As the exclusive retailer of Italian footwear brand APIA shoes in the United States, Autograf New York emphases timeless styles and enhanced fit, including a range of sizes from petite to extended. All items always ship for free and are available for return. For more information, visit

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