Up until the 1970’s and prior to vacuum packaging, all beef would be dry aged. Dry aging is a time honored tradition where primal cuts of beef are aged for 12 – 70 days in a controlled environment.

During dry aging, the external part of the meat becomes hard and envelopes the cut with a crust. The beef inside develops a far finer, richer flavor and a mouth-watering tender texture as the natural moisture in the muscle evaporates.

SteakAger isolates the beef and ages it safely. All you have to do is buy you favorite cut of beef, load it into the device and leave it to age to your liking. Take it out when you’re ready and enjoy the finest steak you’ve ever had.

SteakAger will present you with tender, tasty beef that rivals any of the top end restaurants – at a much lower price.

How the SteakAger Does It

The SteakAger dry aging box has been made using high density, food grade cutting board material. The box sits neatly on a shelf in the fridge and works off a 12 volt DC power pack that needs to be plugged into an outlet.

That’s all it takes to mimic the atmosphere of a dry aging walk-in fridge in any of the best steakhouses. What’s more, the SteakAger is a compact box, taking up less than 20 percent of space in the fridge.

The dry aging box comes complete with a circulating fan for even beef drying and a Himalayan Salt Satchel for added flavor. There is also an exhaust fan, humidistat, an activated carbon filter and germicidal UVC lamp for added safety and controlled humidity. All this makes for an even dry aging process and no nasty odors left in the fridge.

Proprietary software and a controller help to control the dry aging environment.

How to Use the SteakAger

Using the SteakAger is really simple. You grab you favorite piece of beef and stick it in the box. Place the box into your fridge, plug it into a wall outlet and leave it. You can age your beef for a minimum of 12 days right up until, well, however adventurous you’re feeling. The longer you leave the beef, the tenderer it becomes.

The SteakAger really is an affordable way for you to dry age beef to perfection, right in your own fridge. For just $159 you can replicate those delectable steaks you would usually only get at top-of-the-range restaurants.

What You Can Do To Help

The developers have redesigned the SteakAger prototype to rid it off all the wires that were originally hanging off its side. They’ve refined the product to make it look neat and nifty in the fridge so not only does it look good, it makes incredible aged beef.

Now it’s time to take this innovative invention beyond the prototype. Here’s what the developers still have to do:

  • Finalize the software
  • Create a printed circuit board
  • Start moving into production for the SteakAger so more people can save on high end steakhouses and create gorgeous beef right in their homes.

To thank you for taking this brainchild from prototype to tangible must-have product, the developers are committed to creating a premium product at a reasonable price. They’re also offering enticing rewards for their contributors.

No Need for a New Fridge, Just Pop a SteakAger In

You don’t need to buy a brand new fridge, just find a small spot in the one you already have.

Help the developers bring irresistible, delicious and traditional dry aged beef to the masses with your contributions. Our revolutionary product is sure to change the way shoppers look at beef in the local supermarket.


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