Teen animation series riddled with everything from love and adventure, to magic and gods needs €11,000 to produce the series’ first episode in Spanish, English, and Japanese.

Mexico City, Mexico—September 24, 2014— A new animation series targeting teens and young adults being developed by Daniel Krohnengold and his creative team is in the works. Equipped with adventure, love, magic, action, demons, gods and mythological creatures, “The Awesome Adventures of Aoi” fixed funding project is seeking €11,000 by November 21, 2014, in order to complete the first chapter of the animated program. Funding will go toward the script and storyboard as well as sound effects, animation, voice casting and music lyrics in three languages including: Spanish, English and Japanese.

The background story involves a young boy named Aoi who watches his parents fall sick and die from a sudden, mysterious illness. Manipulating a plan to create a super soldier, Yasha, the main enemy, kidnaps people, throws them in cages, and administers experimental protocol. Aoi is one of the first victims. He is turned into a creature. So goes the beginning of the series.

My hope is that this project is something that will interest and entertain people,” said Krohnengold. Funding support is necessary because of the costs involved in creating an animated program. The script, itself, will involve 30 characters. Once animation has been fully created, image corrections and fine tuning will be made. Voice casting and music lyrics will also be done in three languages including Spanish, English and Japanese.

In effort to show appreciation of contributors, funding levels have been established. A copy of the pilot chapter in three languages is available for €20. Creative Writers will have a chance to write a scene or whole chapter of the series in addition to the benefits of receiving the pilot chapter, storyboard and animation, for a mere €60. Additional levels as well as further details regarding the animation and storyline can be viewed on the “The Awesome Adventures of Aoi” campaign page.

I will be waiting for your kind support,” said Krohnengold. “If funding goals are not fully achieved, your money will be returned.”

About Daniel Krohnengold

As creator of “The Awesome Adventures of Aoi,” Krohnengold has facilitated a team of creative professionals who have experience with traditional as well as 3D digital animation, creating TV shows, and writing screenplays. He is excited to bring his coming of age/Sci Fi saga to fruition. 

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