The Ukrainian company is seeking funds through Indiegogo to build a multifunctional forge.

KIEV, Ukraine–Steelbringer is attempting to create functional and durable knives and other tools that possess beauty, and is seeking support to build a multifunctional forge. The company needs new and modern equipment including grinders, a thermal oven, a pneumatic hammer, a syringe press, and other tools and machinery. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched with a funding goal of $35,000 USD and a project end date of October 28, 2014.

The team at Steelbringer includes craftsmen who are skilled masters and are full of inspiration. One of the cutlers on the team, Vladimir, has almost 30 years’ experience and has made many fine crafts from wood, steel, and glass. Unique handmade knives and tools will be available that are made with superior steel such as Damask steel, and 440c steel. Also, the really exclusive material, super carbon steel, will be used to craft some unique knives and tools. Steelbringer crafts quality tools out of many materials, including leather. They plan to produce belts, buckles, wristbands, handbags, and camping kits along with their metal works.

Backers of the Indiegogo campaign can be the first to receive high quality and beautifully created tools from Steelbringer. With a pledge of $99 USD, a supporter can receive an original handmade pendant. A quality handmade tool will be given to each supporter with a pledge of at least $499 USD. Top supporters that pledge $1,499 USD will receive an exclusive knife inlaid with mammoth bone. To view more about the project and to become a supporter, visit

About Steelbringer:

Steelbringer is made up of a team that is experienced in handy crafts. Included on the team are skilled wood carvers, cutlers, skinners, and smiths. Anton Zinevich founded the company while studying to become an engineer. After gathering a skilled and united crew that is passionate about knife crafting, the company is moving forward to build their own forge. Questions about the company can be directed to [email protected]

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