Grunard’s ‘Miracle Merino Hoodie’ has now launched on Indiegogo and expects successful results.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–After just one day, Grunard Apparel’s Indiegogo campaign rose over half its funding goal. The San Francisco-based company is striving to bring a high quality hoodie to the market that is made of the finest material: merino wool. Over a month remains for the crowdfunding campaign. With a project end date of October 26, 2014, and a funding goal of $10,000, the company plans to produce its first batch of high-quality hoodies. The company must meet its project goal, or no monies will be awarded to them and no revolutionary hoodies will be made.

The Indiegogo campaign incorporates some humor in its promotional video and informational site. While attempting to be light-hearted, the clothing designer educates viewers about the failures of traditional materials normally used in athletic and casual apparel. Isaac Kneubuhl, co-founder of the quality apparel company, describes, “The differences between merino wool, which is a superior material, and other materials such as cotton and polyester are vast. Wearers of the hoodie will instantly feel the difference. The ‘Miracle Merino Hoodie’ has built-in characteristics such as sweat wicking properties, temperature regulating abilities, extreme softness, fire-resistance, and odor control.”

Grunard Apparel wishes to raise awareness among consumers about where their clothing comes from and whether the manufacturer uses the best sustainable practices. The new hoodie is made of a natural material that comes from a sustainable resource. Sudhir Chowdary Paladugu, co-founder of Grunard, states, “We would like to make people aware that the typical materials found in their clothing may not have been derived in the most sustainable way and may only increase our dependence on oil based products. For instance, polyester fabrics happen to be petroleum based.”

Those wishing to own the ‘Miracle Merino Hoodie’ may receive the product at a discounted price equal to less than half the expected retail tag. Grunard is offering an early bird special, in which backers of the crowdfunding campaign are granted the high quality hoodie with an even steeper discount, for just $89. To view more about the campaign and to become a supporter, visit

About Grunard Apparel:

The Grunard Apparel team is made up of an athlete and an engineer. Isaac Kneubuhl is a professional volleyball player who has a passion for designing the finest hoodie. Sudhir Chowdary Paladugu is an expert in material science. Working together, the team based in San Francisco searched for the perfect fabric and discovered merino wool. Become acquainted with the new clothing line at


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