Hydracol introduces a new anti-ageing product in their ethical skin care line. To release the product, an Indiegogo campaign is underway.

SYDNEY, Australia – Hydracol, the ethical skin care company, has launched an Indiegogocrowdfunding campaign to build the company’s brand and to release its new groundbreaking product, Hydra C PLUS Serum. The company’s original flagship product, Hydra C, has been very successful and has sold over 40,000 units worldwide. With a goal of $25,000 AUD, the skin care company plans to patent the new product and purchase the serum’s ingredients for the first batch. Additional funds will be used for marketing and the further development of new products.

Hydra C PLUS Serum aims to reverse the actual cause of ageing in the skin by providing the highest quality vitamins and collagen infusions. Results are quickly noticeable with the ethical products that reverse the appearance of scarring, lines, wrinkles, sun-damage, and more.

The 100% natural formula contains only pure marine based collagen, which is very close to human skin. The luxury composition of the serum makes it able to be absorbed into the skin at a deeper level. It also contains kiwi extracts, which is high in vitamin C, collagen, fruit acids, and amino acids. Furelic acid is also included in the ingredient list, which helps with the removal of scar tissue. The new serum is able to repair skin that has been damaged due to acne and pigmentation because of its quality ingredient, minoascorbyl phosphate, which assists in amino acid metabolism.

Those interested in supporting the crowdfunding campaign have until October 19, 2014, to receive a Hydra Pack for a discounted price. There is no risk in supporting the campaign since all perks will be granted whether the company meets its goal or not. To become a supporter, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hydracol-innovative-ethical-skin-care.


Founded in 2007, Hydracol provides effective skin care products that consist of only pure and natural ingredients. As an ethical beauty product company, Hydracol’s products are paraben-free and are not tested on animals. The founder of Hydracol, Emma Grojnowski, has over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry. For more information about the company’s products, visit http://hydracol.com.au/


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