A futuristic world, where humans face extinction as a result of a mysterious reason.

Wars and new ideologies divided mankind, but most of those new societies succumbed. One of the successful ones is a robotic city, where humanity lives through technology. No humans, just their minds controlling machines, the only way they found to keep humanity alive.

And just in the middle of this sci fi city, you wake up as a woman with no memories, trying to understand her strange powers, why everything is trying to kill her and how the world came to that.






Solve puzzles, stay alive, unravel the mysteries.. enjoy the freedom of this adventure playing just the way you want. Of course, there will be a surprise gift for good scores.

You will never keep doing the same thing over and over in this game. Every level contain new surprises, new ways to play and new challenges to face.

And with freedom, comes consequences.. this game has multiple endings and you are the only one who can decide the fate of this world.


Clear Mind Software is a recently created game developer, formed by the experienced developer Xyuan Xiao. If you want more details, you’ll be welcome in our facebook page.




The money is needed to pay for Unreal Engine license, Apple Developer license, to buy ios device for testing (since its an Unreal Engine 3 based game being created for iOS smartphones and tablets) and for legal and development expenses.



Anything that goes beyond the 3 thousand dollars goal will help speed up the development and make the game even better.







Every contributor will be known and remembered, but it’s your choice to decide how would you like it to happen =)



Take a look at our perks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*Full Beta Experience: anyone with any perk will be advised via e-mail when the beta is available for download. All of you will be able to contact the developer personally to give your suggestions and impressions over the beta.

*Being a producer, co-producer or any other title does not give you ownership over the rights of the game or project. The game is property of its developer only.




Money is not the only way to help this campaign. If you liked the game but don’t have cash or just don’t want to give it, or even if you contributed but also want to help spread the campaign, sharing it in any social network will help it a lot!

Thank you!




Some extra images of the Rule 16 development.. enjoy it!









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