Star Citizen’s Crowd-Funding Really is Reaching for the Stars, Hits US$36 Million in Backing.
by Steve Farrelly,
Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen has broken a staggering US$36 million in crowd-funding. The legendary Wing Commander creator revealed the news through a letter on the game’s official site, adding that they reached the figure over the Holiday period without any promotion, it just happened organically.

“I’m happy to report that the Star Citizen Development team will be back on the job as of Monday, revitalised and with an ever-greater determination to do everything to make this the Best Damn Space Sim Ever,” Roberts wrote. “Your continued financial support allows us to chase this goal with confidence.” As a result of the figure reached, Roberts also revealed a the first the new backer-voted systems:
Tamsa System – Located near the fringe of Banu space, Tamsa System features a massive central star that has collapsed into a black hole. Only two planets remain in the system, a chthonian world and a gas giant located far from the black hole’s event horizon.
A new US$38 million user-voted goal was also revealed — a “fully aquatic planet”:
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