It’s no secret that lots of people love to own and utilize advanced gadgets, based on revolutionary technology. Some of these items enable them to spend their spare time in a more enjoyable manner and others simplify their daily work-related tasks.

Both categories of products are insanely popular among different categories of prospects, and the entrepreneurs who design these concepts are fully aware of this fact. As a result, they rely on the very best crowdfunding strategies to convince supporters to fund their latest projects.

Atheer makes no exception; they plan to take their wearable technology to the next level — on time and on a budget through a well-balanced crowdfunding campaign, which still has more than one month left on its clock. At this point, Atheer has plenty of reasons to celebrate: it has already managed to gather a staggering $70,000. In this particular set of circumstances, it appears that the startup has everything under control. The 3D glasses could become a major hit soon enough, and Atheer is expected to reach (and even surpass) its initial target of $100,000, in no time.

After all, what’s not to love about an amazing pair of 3D glasses with killer features? 167 supporters have already made a pledge, and now the California-based company is quite certain that its new product has what it takes to top the features displayed by Google Glass. According to its manufacturers, Atheer One, the commercial version of the product that is currently crowdfunded on Indiegogo, would enable users to control their unique technological environment with simple hand gestures.

The company takes pride in its concept and fundraising initiative, stating that their product will let the client know what it feels like to have awesome superpowers. Moreover, Atheer knows how to encourage the participation of more than a few backers. It gives all supporters the chance to make a contribution and get actively involved in this project. Backers can decide how much money they want to offer, based on what kind of perks they would like to receive.

For instance, for 10 dollars they get a big “thank you” from all the team members. For 850 dollars, backers can get their hands on a complete Developer Kit that opens the doors to memorable 3D experiences. Those who make a $25 pledge will be rewarded with a poster and a pair of traditional 3D glasses.

There are other different types of perks that might encourage people to join this cause. For instance, deep-pocketed contributors can choose to put $1,000 on the table to receive the early developer kit, 2 months before anybody else. This would give them the chance to roll out fabulous apps way before their main competitors.

This new initiative highlights the fact that crowdfunding is an invaluable ally for startups that are working on practical technological innovations. 

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