Invest in the Health of Those You Love with GiftAir

Are you curious about the idea of owning a personal, portable air filtration device but want to learn more? Keep reading to understand the problems associated with atmospheric pollution and how GiftAir can help protect you and your children from illness-causing toxins and pollutants.

The Problem with Our Existing Air

Population growth and global industrialization have expanded our world and enhanced the way we interact in it. Unfortunately, growth and industrialization also create exponential growth in pollutants, which in turn causes a decline in our local air quality. We each breathe air pollutants each day due to traffic, construction sites, factories, and other sources.

Many of us do not stop to think about how the low-quality air we breathe on a daily basis will affect us in the long-term. Since we do not see or feel an adverse physical reaction to atmospheric pollutants, aside from perhaps a slight allergic response, we forget that those toxins could be slowly building up in our systems. There are numerous devices currently on the market that target and treat indoor air, but GiftAir is the first air filtration system designed to treat outdoor air.

How Poor-Quality Air Affects Children

GiftAir is the first product of its kind, but we foresee a future where everyone uses outdoor personal air devices. For now, however, the initial launch of our product is dedicated to children, who have no choice about where they live or the air they breathe. The first three years are the most important for a child in terms of development, and any toxins introduced during these years can affect their health for the rest of their life. Infants and toddlers are particularly susceptible to allergens and chronic illnesses, which can be brought on by a build-up of toxins in their bodies. This can cause smaller bodies and weaker immune systems. In addition, studies have shown that the children who live in polluted cities are more likely to experience neurodegenerative changes or brain inflammation that can contribute to diseases such as Alzheimer’s later in life.

Good air, however, will prevent toxins from entering their bodies while helping to build up the much-needed immunities and antibodies that are used to fight off any potential infections. This means that GiftAir is also ideal for the elderly or anyone with allergies or a weak immune system. Pollution exacerbates the problems of anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma, and can cause worsening symptoms and chronic illnesses. GiftAir blocks both man-made toxins and allergenic triggers such as pollen and smoke.

Use GiftAir to make the most of the space around you, and rest assured knowing your child is breathing clean, healthy air. Erase unwanted toxins with the small device that could make a life-changing difference in your child’s health.

The System is Portable and Protective

GiftAir’s compact, lightweight design is meant to travel, so it can be clipped to a variety of surfaces and carried around for use anywhere. The system can be attached to strollers, purses, and oversized bags, but it can also be used in cars, offices, and garages as well as on patios or in parks. The air-ion technology can produce air that is about 100 times better quality than the existing air. This could range from 30-100 times depending on your surrounding environment.

GiftAir is proven to block a wide variety of pollutants, including artificial chemicals and volatile organic compounds such as benzene and formaldehyde. In addition, GiftAir blocks allergens including pollen, ultrafine dusts, smoke, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides, as well as offensive odors. The system runs silently and will create clean air within a 22-inch diameter, or up to 30-inch diameter if the device is mounted to a stroller.

In Development for Over a Year

The research behind GiftAir began over a year ago, when our team was awarded a grant to study and develop air-cleaning technologies. There have been over a dozen previous mock-ups of the system, within a seemingly endless cycle of research, development, and testing. We referenced the fresh, clean feeling of air after a rainfall, and studied scores of indoor air quality filtration systems. The resulting system, GiftAir, is constructed to be much smaller than any indoor device, which makes it portable but powerful. In addition, GiftAir is made from an FDA-approved plant-sourced biomass plastic, which makes it safe for your children and easy on the environment. We took our time testing and reworking the product until we determined it was ready for use. Now, we want to make GiftAir readily and widely available so that people worldwide can experience the difference clean air can make.

Impressive Features

GiftAir can block airborne viruses as well as allergens and other air pollutants. No other filtration system can stand behind this claim, and GiftAir is the only one intended to protect you both indoors and outdoors. The smallest standard filters available cannot block viruses, which is why GiftAir operates with air-ions and is filter-free. This means no filters to buy or change, and the device can block out much smaller particles than products with standard filters.

The device is intended for use anywhere, although we particularly recommend gifting it to a friend or family member with young children. GiftAir will clip securely to a baby stroller, providing clean air for the baby’s developing lungs and immune system. Still, GiftAir is also perfect for use by anyone, anywhere.

Hassle-Free Charging

Many portable devices can be a pain because they seem to require constant charging, right? GiftAir, however, is different, because it is the first energy-producing personal air device. The system is solar powered and can be charged with both exterior and interior lighting. It is designed for high-energy solar charging, so it will take on energy quickly. In addition, GiftAir features rebound charging, which means that it can be charged at any time, even while it is in use. Even so, the long-lasting battery will run the device for up to 16 days without any exposure to light energy. In an emergency, there is a micro charging port that can be plugged directly into an Android phone charger. Finally, if you prefer to run the device for a specified amount of time, GiftAir makes it easy with its built-in timer.

GiftAir requires virtually no maintenance and comes with a one-year warranty. To learn more, visit the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign page and consider becoming a supporter and one of the first to own a GiftAir device.

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