In the age of digital music and reality television, Vitali Hluboki, a native of Belarus, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in support of his artistic dream. The new project combines Jazz music and around the clock access to the music composition process. The project is not just about recording their new music, but it is also about highlighting the undiscovered music scene in their hometown of Grodno, Belarus.

A New Day

For 21 weeks, supporters can watch as the duo focuses on the music he will be creating in the new band he has formed with professional singer Aleksandra. Their group, New Day, hopes to draw the attention of other professional musicians in Grodno, Belarus where there is a rich musical tradition. Both Aleksandra and Vitali are seasoned professional musicians. A skilled keyboardist and accordion player, Mr. Hluboki has been honing his craft for over 15 years, and Aleksandra has been singing for many years as a solo artist. The duo has invited everyone interested in Jazz music to join them in their campaign by contributing $15 or more dollars in support of their larger goal. They will need $32,000 USD to produce their debut album, and fans that donate at this level will have the exciting opportunity of being the first to hear the new music being created by the group. They realize their goal is a large one, but they have an established plan that has been documented on their Indiegogo crowdfunding home page. New Day plans to live broadcast the entire planning and recording process via YouTube and Twitch, and the resulting documentary and recording process will bring fans along as they start from scratch to create a studio album.

The Creative Process

Broadcasting their creative process online is just one way they plan to connect with their supporters and musicians in the area. Fans that support the creative team will also be able to watch as they compose, arrange, and conduct their pieces in real time. They will host a forum for supporters and other musicians to offer feedback and commentary. The forum will also facilitate Q&A sessions about musical arrangements, and at the end of the process, participants will be allowed to vote for their favorite pieces. It is rare for artists to provide this level of involvement in their creative process, and New Day hopes that their supporters will find the experience both engaging and rewarding. This entire process is about the love of music for the New Day duo. According to the team, “We are excited about the opportunity to combine our talents to produce our first studio album. We have a great deal of work ahead of us, but it’s a great feeling to work on something you love,” said Vitali.

They plan to record songs in both Polish and English, and while their recording schedule will be a very busy one that takes them to three different studios in three separate cities – they relish the challenge. Their album, Jazz Band, will be the result of many months of the type of hard work that the musical duo finds exhilarating.


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