Experimental docu-theatre troupe Lost & Found Project was launched in 2011 as a multi-faceted experiment by a group of young NYC-based actors and writers. We caught up with founder Anna Zicer to get insights on their latest project “Knock”, and live crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub.

What was the inspiration behind the Knock campaign on RocketHub?

Lost & Found Project incorporates the verbatim documentary technique in its work. After a long process of self investigation we try to bring our personal stories as well as stories of people around us to the stage. We believe it is crucial to let our audience be part of our creative process.

Often it is hard to engage a large group of audience in the actual theatrical collective process. By using personal stories of our journeys and the paths of our ancestors, we connect the generations and try to find the meaning together. In our theatre the experience is always very personal even though the story may be collective. To our audience the theatre is a form of a temple where they are presented with an opportunity of self-discovery. By inviting our viewers to help support the project financially we hope to build a community of young ambassadors, who upon seeing our growth in the future will feel their contribution to our work, contribution of their own story and process of self-search… We are thankful to Rockethub for including us in their community.

What has your experience been as a crowdfunding groups of artists - how are your supporters responding?

Since the foundation of our company we have relied on crowdfunding to bring our projects to life. We strongly believe in crowd source funding campaigns as a way to engage with our audience sharing our upcoming work and a creating a “sneak peak” kind of affect for our supporters who often want to know which aspect of the project precisely will be funded by them. We realize and hope to reach a new audience, who was not engaged by us before through our RocketHub campaign.

We are proud to have created a strong community of supporters and friends of Lost & Found Project, who are always very enthusiastic when they see a new projects we are plotting.

Any advice for others looking to crowdfund a similar project? 

Know your audience, your community, understand what stories they care about and cultivate a relationship with them, whether it is by social media, regular mail or personal interaction with community leaders and members. Make sure your work speaks to your audience and this will carry you though. 

Check out the live RocketHub Campaign for “Knock” Here!

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