Funds are needed to manufacture SmartyPans, a computerized cooking pan that syncs with mobile devices via an app, then tailors recipe instructions specific to the user’s cooking environment.

Oakland, CA–September 4, 2014–SmartyPans is an innovative new smart pan that takes the guesswork out of cooking. By utilizing three sensors and an ATMEGA processor that connect via Bluetooth 4.0 to a mobile device, the dishwasher-safe and heat resistant pan “talks” to a special Recipe App preloaded with thousands of recipes. As the user prepares a meal, the app relays cooking information, such as ingredients needed, internal temperature, humidity and even calorie count, in real time. Believe it or not, this futuristic technology has already been developed and is ready for production, but it needs financial backing. The SmartyPans campaign seeks $90,000 by October 17, 2014. With support, SmartyPans will begin manufacturing in October 2014, and be ready for shipment by November 2015.

I tried cooking at home using recipe apps, but they’re only as good as the person using them,” said SmartyPans creator Rahul Baxi. “The apps I used could not change instructions based on what was happening in the pan, so I’d end up with burned or overcooked food.” Realizing that eating out all the time was taking a toll on his health, Baxi was determined to come up with a way to make recipes foolproof. “We built a pan with three sensors and a computer chip that continuously transmits all sensor values to our recipe app. It gives the user valuable feedback in real time, thereby helping the user cook better.”

The Android ready Recipe app (an iPhone and Windows 8 app will be released later) works in two different modes. The Recipe mode allows the user to select a recipe or create one. As ingredients are added to the pan, a progress bar fills in. The app also keeps track of the cooking environment such as humidity and temperature to prevent burning. In addition, it shares the serving number, calories, average user rating and the remaining cooking time, making the pan not only ideal for unseasoned cooks, but also for health conscious ones. The Metrics mode gives unfiltered information such as the current food temperature and weight.

This easily transportable and rechargeable 11.796(w) x 3.886(d) x 11.811(h) pan is available on the campaign page at the discounted price of only $169 for early supporters (expected retail price: $249). A $549 contribution gets the donor a limited edition all black pan with gold engraving. In addition, a $29 donation buys the contributor an exclusive SmartyPans apron. For more information and to view all the pledge levels, please visit the campaign page. With support, home-cooked fiascos may be a thing of the past.

About SmartyPans

Rahul Baxi is a CMU grad who developed SmartyPans as a way to make the everyday task of cooking easier. For more information on SmartyPans please visit or visit his campaign page at

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