Designed as a handy energy, power, and temperature meter as well as a convenient remote and time switch, this revolutionary gadget needs funding to start production.

Zürich, Switzerland– Smart-Me is a multipurpose tool designed to monitor the energy and power consumption of electronic devices in addition to acting as an on/off switch and temperature meter. After a year of planning and development, the Smart-Me campaign has been launched. Effective through July 14, 2014, funding will go toward the production of the first batch of units that will change the way people control and monitor the energy consumption of any electronic device. Compatible with iOS and Android platforms, Smart-Me communicates through an Internet connected Wi-Fi network to the Smart-Me Cloud Server, enabling users to control their home electronics from anywhere using their smart phone, tablet or computer.

“Smart-Me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter, all in one device,” said co-founder of Smart-Me, David Eberli. “Each high quality unit is calibrated by hand at production and offers an accuracy of ninety-nine percent.” If anyone is concerned about the security and privacy of personal data getting into the wrong hands, don’t worry. “Every connection is encrypted and the data is stored anonymously on our servers,” added Eberli.

The setup of the convenient and versatile Smart-Me is easy. Simply download and install the free application from either the Apple Store or Google Play, then follow the instructions given. The app shares the power, energy consumption, current, voltage and power factor of the electronics that are plugged into the Smart-Me device (the device is then plugged into a wall outlet). Even the temperature of the room is displayed, all in real-time. Users can also export diagrams and graphs of energy consumption as well as energy production (from solar or wind systems, for example). The unit is currently designed for use in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland.

Eager to get this handy gadget out to the public, the Smart-Me team has set up pledge levels to help raise funds for the production of the initial batch of units. The very early bird contribution of $99 (only 150 are available at this price level) buys one Smart-Me unit with worldwide shipping and name recognition on the wall of contributors. A contribution of $398 procures a family-pack of four units with projected delivery around November 14, 2014. View the campaign page for additional information.

With help, a handy idea will be made into a useful tool that could literally change the way people monitor home electronics. Please visit the Smart-Me campaign page and share it with friends and family.


About Smart-Me

The Smart-Me team consists of David Eberli, a software engineer who specializes in cloud computing and firmware development, and Noldy Eberli, an electrical engineer who focuses on the hardware and energy metering of the Smart-Me device. They collaborated to create a device that’s ready to change the way people control electronics. For more information, please visit or the campaign page

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