PadBot will change how people communicate from a distance, and its makers seek crowdfunding to begin mass production.

GUANGZHOU, CHINA—When face-to-face communication is impossible, voice with video communication is the next best thing. Now there is a new telepresence robot called PadBot that can represent its user remotely by displaying voice and video in real time, and its creators are seeking crowdfunding to raise $30,000 by August 31 to move the product into mass production.

Using an iPad, iPad Mini or Android Pad as its brain, PadBot is a telepresence robot that can be controlled to angle its head up and down and to move itself freely about the room. PadBot connects with its controlling device wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0 and with other devices through WiFi or 4G connection. “Our invention enhances communication experiences for both business and personal communication,” said PadBot founder Blue Tan. “PadBot serves as your copy when you can’t physically be there.”

Shaped elegantly like a white goose, PadBot is 90 centimeters tall and able to maneuver an indoor environment. Consisting of two parts, PadBot includes the robot device as well as its software network system. “One way our device keeps costs low is to utilize devices that you already own,” said Tan. “PadBot turns your existing devices into a cutting-edge telepresence robot.”

PadBot’s hardware is built from scratch, and its user interface is intuitive, with functions like remote control, real-time video chat, QR code, and more. “PadBot is incredibly easy to use,” said Tan. “Buttons on our interface are self-explained, and app support is available in several languages.”

In order to move PadBot from its developmental stage and into mass production, its creators at Inbot Technology have launched a crowdfuding campaign and are offering perks to supporters. Though some early bird offers have sold out, the campaign still has offers that are special for early adopters. For $359, supporters will receive the Indiegogo Special Discount, which includes one PadBot and one PadBot t-shirt with free shipping. For $658, supporters will receive two PadBots with free shipping, and for $1,495 supporters will receive the Retailers Package containing five PadBots with free shipping.


About Inbot Technology


Inbot Technology is a startup company comprised of experts in hardware design, software development, and mechanics who have studied robotics and participated in international robot soccer competitions. To contribute to the company’s PadBot crowdfunding campaign, visit


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