Experienced smartphone creator Horizon Electronics seeks crowdfunding to produce its latest high tech phone at a competitive price.

WINDSOR, U.K.—Horizon Electronics has been designing and manufacturing smartphones and software for some of the world’s major electronics brands since the company was formed in 2013, and now the company is ready to roll out its own smartphone design called Hyperion. Horizon Electronics’ new smartphone will offer cutting edge design and features, and in order to keep the phone at a competitive price, the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £10,000,000 by August 15 to help finish the phone’s software and begin the manufacturing process.

Named for the Greek sun god, Hyperion will truly rise above its competitors with its state of the art internal design, which includes a dual boot system and a desktop-based operating system that can be docked. “Hyperion’s operating system will be fast with a multicore central processing unit and six gigabytes of RAM,” said Horizon Electronics CEO Mike Baxter. “It will also come with 64 GB storage with a place for optional external storage.”

In addition to its forward thinking internal design, Hyperion will also have a sleek external design and exceptional display. The screen, which will be made of durable Sapphire Glass, will protect the device’s integrated front camera, while microscopic holes in the screen will produce high-definition audio. “Sapphire Glass is virtually unscratchable, and the screen’s revolutionary audio design allows for clarity during phone conversations,” said Baxter. Hyperion will also feature a 3-D dual-lens camera for capturing images and video.

Prototypes, which will be available exclusively to crowdfunding supporters, will feature ultra-light and durable carbon fiber casing and will be available by September. Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will receive logoed merchandise, including baseball caps, t-shirts, polo shirts, and hoodies, and they will also have the opportunity to preorder a Hyperion mobile phone with carbon fiber casing for a pledge of £400. “The campaign is going to help us keep production to a reasonable cost so we can pass that price point on to our supporters,” said Baxter. “Compared to our contemporaries – the iPhone 5s 64 GB for £709 and the Samsung Galaxy S5 for £569 – supporters of the campaign will receive a great value.”


About Horizon Electronics

Comprised of an international team of experts from the U.K., U.S., and China, Horizon Electronics is a group of people who are passionate about electronics. The company is known for its green solutions that help customers consume less power and spend less money on the products they want. For more information, visit www.HorizonElectronics.co.uk. To contribute to the company’s Hyperion crowdfunding campaign, visit igg.me/at/horizon/x.

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