Innovative Danish design company seeks $20,000 in effort to increase its production efficiency and to share its high-quality home solutions with new international markets.


Copenhagen, Denmark – REENBERGS, a mother-daughter owned Danish company offering high quality, functional products for the home, is excited to announce its Magnetic Cloth Rail campaign. REENBERGS would like to raise $20,000 by June 18, 2014, in order to invest in better production methods and to set up deals with potential distributors, so it can share its innovative magnetic storage products with new customers throughout the world.

Voted Denmark’s “best invention” in 2009 at a national contest, the Danish Design Cloth Rail is REENBERGS’ signature product. It streamlines the kitchen by removing unsightly dishcloths from view (yet still allowing them to be fully accessible) by inconspicuously hiding them—all without the use of tools. In addition, this practical solution is more hygienic than traditional storage methods, allowing dishcloths to dry faster than ever before.

“Our focus is to have the home area nice and tidy in a simple and practical way,” said Line Reenberg Vilstrup, co-founder of REENBERGS. “We use strong industrial magnets together with glue, which means you can store your items without making any holes or needing any tools.”

The products available for household use include the Danish Cloth Rail (the kitchen sink rail), the Stainless Steel Rail (a rail that can be applied to almost any flat surface, making it ideal for use in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room), and the Flexible Cloth Rail (a plastic rail that can be bent to fit in the corner of a sink). Additional products include the Shampoo Wrapper (an adjustable silicone wrap that makes it possible to hang bottles from shower walls), a Sponge Holder (a holder designed for drying a sponge or sink brush), and a Magnetic Hook (a hook that can be mounted onto any smooth surface). Working with most surfaces, such as steel, granite, and wood, the products work alone or in conjunction with accompanying counter-magnets that come with complimentary stickers to hold the products in place.

In effort to raise funds, pledge levels from $25-$200 have been created. An early bird kit that includes one Danish Design Cloth Rail and one exclusive Stainless Steel Rail is available for $35 (only 150 are available). A home pack for $55 offers one Danish Design Cloth Rail, one Sponge Holder, two Shampoo Wrappers, and one Magnetic Hook. For additional pledge levels, please view the campaign page. A $5 shipping fee will be added to all orders.

“Our big dream is to have the Magnetic Cloth Rail in sinks all around the world,” said Vilstrup. Help make that dream a reality by contributing to the campaign or sharing it with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or even email.




REENBERGS is a small, family-owned business dedicated to offering high-quality, practical solutions to everyday problems found in the home. Co-founders, mother and daughter duo Grethe Reenberg and Line Reenberg Vilstrup, launched the business in 2006. In 2009, they were the first place “best invention” recipients of a national Danish contest for their Danish Cloth Rail. For more information, please visit their campaign page and/or the company website


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