The action packed app will be offered for free for iOS and Android users. Crucial App Concepts plans to develop it even further.

KATY, Texas –In order to make the new mobile app, Grand Theft Pursuit, available to everyone for free, Crucial App Concepts has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign. With a funding goal of $20,000, the game developer plans to create more features and content. They are seeking feedback and allowing their supporters to have a hand in the design of the game. The campaign will end on June 30, 2014.

Grand Theft Pursuit is an exciting car chase game that lets the user become the thief. Gamers travel from bank to bank to rob them of money and valuables. The interactive game allows the user to crack safe codes and collect the mysterious prizes found inside. All along, the thief is running from the police. The fun of the game includes dodging obstacles through made-up cities, highways, and suburbs.

Users will enjoy the ability to customize their game with various cars. Currently, Grand Theft Pursuit will offer 4 impressive cars that can be unlocked. Numerous wraps are also available, which can be unlocked for each vehicle. As the gamer becomes more skilled at the game, they will be able to upgrade the powerups that the car has at it’s disposal. Being a supporter of the game may grant the gamer more upgrades. The exciting power ups that can be acquired include point multipliers, oil slicks, nitro tanks, and shields. As Crucial App Concepts receives funding, they are planning for future improvements on the game with updated content. Allowing gamers to be part of the development lets them enjoy the thrilling game before anyone else.

Grand Theft Pursuit has been handsomely designed with a remarkable graphical user interface. The game is easy to understand and play. It allows gamers to share content with other users and to incorporate the game into their Facebook account and share the experience with friends. It is a fun game that includes daily login bonuses and other achievements.

Supporters of the new mobile app, Grand Theft Pursuit, will receive a shout-out in the credits. Some supporters will also earn game credits starting at $50 and going up to $5,000. These credits will allow the gamer to enhance their gaming experience with even more features. Crucial App Concepts is offering Beta status to supporters starting at a pledge level of $75. Beta testers can become the first to use the game and they can provide tester input. Top supporters have the opportunity to be part of the design team, which can include creating an obstacle, wrap, or vehicle. They even have T-shirts available for some of the supporters. To become a supporter and to help the game become available, visit

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