An IndieGoGo campaign has been launched in order to make Anycuff cufflinks available to everyone.

BEAVERTON, Ore. –Anycuff cufflinks offer a unique fashion accessory detail for men and women. They are unlike traditional cufflinks because they can be worn to accessorize any shirt or blouse that has button cuffs. Now, cufflinks do not have to be worn exclusively for formal or business events, they can also be used to give a distinctive look to anyone’s wardrobe. The final design of the revolutionary cufflinks has been completed. An IndieGoGo campaign will launch on Monday June 16, 2014 with a funding goal of $15,000 to cover manufacturing costs. The project end date is Friday August 15, 2014.

Traditionally, cufflinks have only worked on long-sleeve French cuff shirts. The new Anycuff cufflinks can be used both in the French cuff or barrel cuff configuration, transforming a long-sleeve or short-sleeve button cuff shirt into an attractive and trendy apparel item.

A limited edition design has been made, which will only be sold to IndieGoGo supporters. The face of the exclusive Anycuff cufflinks includes an attractive chrome plated brass star with 5 color background options. Future designs are in progress, but the star design will only be offered to the backers who help Anycuff make its crowdfunding goal.

The smart design of the Anycuff cufflinks ensures the accessory will last. They are built with chrome plated brass, a durable and attractive material that will not tarnish. The cufflinks are made with a 2-piece magnetic system. The first piece is a unique magnetic device that slips on the cuff’s button. The second piece contains the face of the cufflink and includes another magnet. It is made with the strongest magnet available, a N52 magnet. This means the cufflinks will stay together all day long. The design of the cufflink pieces ensure that they will stay securely fastened to any shirt sleeve.When needing to remove the cufflinks simply pull apart the sleeve and roll up.

So far, Anycuff has created the design for the IndieGoGo limited edition cufflinks, made the toolings, and designed the packaging. They have also secured contacts with reputable manufacturers, and warehousing and distribution centers. The funds raised through the campaign will allow for the production of the Anycuff on a large scale.

Backers that support the campaign with a $39 pledge are gifted the limited edition Anycuff with one of the five background colors: white, charcoal, baby blue, cyan blue or purple. Supporters who pledge $39 also have the option to receive customized Anycuff cufflinks with etched initials. Top supporters, who pledge $175, will receive the entire limited edition Anycuff set of all five colors. It would make a perfect accessory to any wardrobe or gift for anyone.To view more about the new product, Anycuff cufflinks, visit to observe the campaign pre-release. Once the campaign goes live on Monday June 16th, 2014, you can visit the campaign and become a supporter at

About Anycuff:

Anycuff was invented by Marcus Duffin in an effort to create an attractive and easy-to-use accessory for special events and everyday life. Family members Chris Duffin and Steve Duffin have been investors since 2011 and Chris Zownir, business partner since early 2012, has been an expert in cufflink design and manufacturing for 8 years. Plans are underway to introduce 6 new Anycuff designs for the holiday season. There are also visions for creating new designs which incorporate distinct materials, such as crystals and semi-precious stones. Visit for more information about the company.


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