DD buddy app provides easy way to find a ride home after drinking, and its creators seek crowdfunding to finalize development.

BOZEMAN, MONT.— A group of Montanans are working to change the current trend of the Nation’s current DUI problem. The creators of DD buddy have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $100,000 by August 23 to finish development of the app that puts all available modes of transportation to get home safe in the palm of a drinker’s hand for free—by friend, bus, taxi and every other option—and also rewards those willing to give rides to inebriated friends.

If you’ve lost a loved one to drinking and driving, you know how painful DUI’s can be and the real loss when someone decides to drink and drive. Donating to their campaign allows you to help ensure that others don’t experience that same loss. The app empowers people to be there for their friends and family when they need them most. Too many times have people tried to drive home after drinking, putting themselves and others at risk. The DD buddy app simplifies the process of finding a ride. Unlike the Lyft or Uber rideshare apps, DD buddy helps users reach out to their trusted friends and family who have made themselves available on the app. In return, the app rewards the drivers with points that can be redeemed for $5-$20 worth of free items at local businesses for every ride given.

The app provides an easy way to let your friends know you are available to give them a ride and it is no big deal if they need you,” said the app’s founder Alex Crosby. “With the live GPS feature, your ride will always know exactly where to find you. Making it easier than ever for people to be there for each other” A working model of DD buddy is currently statewide in Montana and has partnered with the state’s universities’ student bodies and police departments. The app needs additional help raising funds to finalize features and reinforce the infrastructure of the app for national expansion.

DD buddy is going to change the way Americans and Canadians safely get rides home after drinking,” said Crosby.

Supporters of the app’s crowdfunding campaign will receive logo merchandise starting with a $20-level contribution. With a $100 contribution, supporters will receive exclusive insider info from the DD buddy team as well as a beer of the month recommendation from the DD Buddy team, and with a $450 contribution supporters will receive a leather jacket and a personalized song from the team musician. Those contributing $1,100 will receive an invitation to hang with the DD Buddy team in Montana, while those contributing $2,500 will receive a Gibson guitar. Contributors giving $5,000 will receive 5 night, 4 day ski trip for two to Big Sky, and those giving $7,500 will receive a week long, all inclusive guided fly fishing trip in the blue ribbon waters of Montana.


About DD Buddy


Based in Bozeman, Mont., and Austin, Texas, the bootstrapped DD Buddy team is a group of recent college graduates and military veterans wanting to revolutionize the way people safely return home after a night on the town. For more information about the app or to contribute to the DD Buddy crowdfunding campaign, visit igg.me/at/DDbuddyApp/x.

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