Users are given a word each day a week and challenged to take a photo that expresses it the best. The fun app will encourage exchange between users through voting.

PERTH, Australia–Anyone with a camera will enjoy 7 SNAPS, a new app that combines social media, imagination, and photography. The idea has been created. Now, the app inventor is seeking funds through Indiegogo to fully develop it and let individuals start SNAPPING. With a goal of $80,000 AUD and a campaign end date of September 25, 2014, the creator hopes to make the app available worldwide.

The unique app challenges photographers, both amateur and professional, to use their imagination and interpret a presented word through the art of photography. Increasing their vocabulary and stretching their imagination, users are given a word a day, seven words a week. Photos can be uploaded and viewed by others, encouraging interaction between friends, old and new. All participants are allowed to vote on the best photo for each word, with just two weeks of voting time. At the end of the two weeks, the winning photo for the specific word will be revealed.

Each 7 SNAPS user will have a profile and the capability to link to other social media networks. Other users’ photo galleries can be browsed. Photos can be placed on a map to see where each photo was taken, bringing vibrant life to each experience. Also, comments can be posted for each photo. 7 SNAPS encourages collaboration from its users. Votes can be placed and suggestions for the daily word can be made. The app will be developed with an easy-to-use and attractive interface, and will be free of advertisements.

Within 120 days of the campaign, the app developer plans to launch a beta version of 7 SNAPS. After another 60 days, the app will be available worldwide. Supporters of the Indiegogo campaign may become beta testers with a minimum pledge of $100 AUD. The developer is also gifting special 7 SNAPS gear for various pledge levels. As a thank you to supporters, some may receive a distinctive 7 SNAPS iPhone case, an exclusive 7 SNAPS t-shirt, or the opportunity to choose daily words for an entire week. The new app developer is offering 10 top supporters investor status, which includes a 2% share in the company. To become a supporter of the new photography app, visit

About 7 SNAPS:

7 SNAPS is a new app developing company that was founded by Adrian Cox and Louise Cox. So far, the app with the company’s namesake is the first product being created. The team has designed the new photo-sharing app with Appster and is in the process of seeking funds for full development.

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