Company seeks crowdfunding to develop Securitapp, an affordable plug-and-go security system app

BARCELONA, SPAIN—Security systems effectively protect both commercial and residential properties, but surveillance system installation and monthly fees are costly. A new smartphone app will provide all the security without the cost of a surveillance system so everyone can afford to protect their property. The creators of Securitapp have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise €10,000 by June 19, to help cover the costs of the app’s development. As a “thank you,” those who support the campaign can save money on license fees.

Securitapp will work as a home security system by transforming an old, unused mobile phone with a camera into a surveillance system. By positioning the phone’s camera in the direction of the area to be secured, Securitapp monitors a home or business by taking a picture when motion is detected and sending the picture directly to the owner’s email. “Gone are all the wires and installation fees,” said Securitapp creator and CEO of Avant Web Solutions Pere Sanz. “Securitapp will protect your home and family or business.”

Compatible with both Apple and Andriod phones, Securitapp is a simple, easy and cheap alternative to complicated and expensive surveillance systems. “Securitapp is a plug-and-go product,” said Sanz. “Just install the app and point the camera – as easy as that.” With its auto power-off feature, Securitapp will not drain the power on the phone in use.

When motion is detected, users receive direct, real-time notification via email enabling them to immediately respond to security threats. After seeing the picture taken by the phone, users can decided whether to call the police or text a neighbor to check in.

Supporters of the app’s crowdfunding campaign will receive a discount on the app’s license. Starting at the €6 level of support, contributors will receive a lifetime license to use the app. Supporters giving €10, €18, and €45 will receive multiple lifetime licenses to use the app. At the €50 level of giving, supporters get ten lifetime licenses – enough to give away to family and friends. Starting at the €100 level of support, contributors will get their names listed on the company website. Those contributing €3,500 will get their name and picture on the app. Those giving €6,500 will get their very own app branded with their choice of name and logo and 1,500 yearly licenses to use Securitapp.

About Avant Web Solutions

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Avant Web Solutions has teamed up with mobile development company MAGAZAPP to envision Securitapp, the world’s premiere home security app that can be used by anyone. To contribute to the Securitapp crowdfunding campaign, visit

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