The Gaucho Grill provides a healthy grilling method and easy cleanup. Funds are being raised in order to manufacture the product.

CORAL GABLES, Fla.–The Gaucho Grill, designed by Santiago Vitagliano, offers a new paradigm in the grilling industry. Desiring to create a grilling technique that eliminates carcinogens, produces a safer system, and provides easy cleanup, the industrial engineer has completed the design for the Gaucho Grill and is seeking funds in order to finalize packaging, run production of the product, and establish distributors. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched with a goal of $100,000 and a close date of June 24, 2014.

Vitagliano’s objective in inventing the Gaucho Grill was to provide a safe and convenient approach to grilling. The traditional method of grilling comes with health risks due to the carcinogens found in the food. On a regular grill, fats and juices drip from the meat into open flames, causing more flames and smoke, which creates a dangerous job for the cook and leads to carcinogen formation in the food. The Gaucho Grill prevents this from happening with the implementation of grease basins located at the front edge of the grill, and its capability to be inclined 5-10 degrees. Smoke and flame vents have been integrated into the design at the base of the grill, which prevents smoke and flames from reaching the food and the griller. The patented grill design helps grillers avoid dangerous flame ups, therefore lessening the chance of being injured while cooking. By using the Gaucho Grill, grill enthusiasts can be assured that fat on their meat will not be licked by open flames and therefore will not develop undesired tastes.

Another solution provided by the Gaucho Grill is an easy-to-clean method. Each component of the grill can be taken apart effortlessly and placed into a dishwasher for trouble-free cleanup. The grill will be ready to use the next time the griller wants to cook outside.

Grillers will be satisfied that the grill is built with quality materials and no moving parts, making it difficult to break. It is made with a continuous corrugated material. It is versatile and easy to install in existing grill designs.

Supporters of the Indiegogo crowdfunding project who pledge $100 will receive a grill of their own. Top supporters receive 10 grills, which can be given away as presents. To view more about the grill and to become a supporter, visit

About Santiago Vitagliano:

Santiago Vitagliano grew up in Argentina and has been grilling meats since he was young. He is an industrial engineer and the managing principle of The SAVI Group. Holding an MBA from the University of California and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from a university in Argentina, the inventor received his inspiration for the name of the newly designed grill, which removes carcinogens and provides a healthy and easy way to grill, from the land of the Gaucho.




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