An innovative pair of light-up glasses invites their wearer to get noticed in a crowd and connect with those around them. An Indiegogo campaign has commenced to make the gadget available.

SEONGNAM, Korea–CHEMION is a fun set of smart glasses that allows an individual to express their feelings and moods through animation, image, or message. It captures the attention of others at a night club, concert hall, sports complex, etc. The wearable gadget contains LED lights that can be easily synchronized with a smart phone. An Indiegogo campaign has been launched to further develop the wearable gadget and to manufacture the first batch. The campaign has a funding goal of $100,000, and the project will close on October 12, 2014.The name CHEMION was created as a combination of “chemistry” and “on.”

The company behind this, Neofect, believes emotion is the chemistry of the heart, and it challenges its wearers to turn their light on. SK Telecom, the largest telecommunication company in Korea, is supporting the CHEMION project and is responsible for overseeing the global shipping safety and quality assurance of the product.

“Our vision is to be the good healthcare company by pursuing social integration between disabled and non­disabled people. Based on this CHEMION experience, we’ll develop the perfect solution for people with lalopathy. We want to let them communicate better with other people,” explains Hoyoung Ban, Neofect Company’s CEO.

CHEMION allows people to wear their emotions and may help them connect with others. Personalized text can be typed into the app, which will display on the frames. The accessory’s face can also become a visual sound equalizer with any surrounding sound, including music, through synchronizing with the microphone of the connected smartphone. Individuals can create a drawing that can be shown on the glasses. Animations may also be designed and exhibited on the smart device by editing consecutive pictures.

Supporters that contribute at least $100 USD to the Indiegogo campaign are the first to own the new smart device. Top backers that pledge $50,000 USD receive an even more glamorous gift: the limited edition customized CHEMION decorated with diamonds and a special logo.

If the funding reaches $1,000,000, the company reps intend to donate to an Association dedicated to assisting people with lalopathy. “This is an exciting campaign for coming into the world. This is a very meaningful project for the disabled. Please let our dream come true, “Ban concluded.

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About CHEMION Cause

Neofect, manufacturer of CHEMION, is one of the fast growing healthcare startup specialized in wearable device technologies. With CHEMION, they believe they have taken the first step towards breaking down the communication barriers between disabled and non­disabled people.


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