AF Hybrid Bench Press utilizes electric motors rather than weights, to provide both classic weightlifting and rehabilitation.

TORINO, ITALY— A new era of weight lifting has arrived – one in which there are no weights. Italian aerospace engineer Albert Favro has designed an advanced technology bench press machine that uses electric motors instead of weights, allowing for use in space as well as wheelchair accessibility. Favro has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise €345,000 by June 1 to help develop the product’s prototype and prepare to take it to market.

The AF Hybrid Bench Press’ uniquely designed, electric motors, create variable loads during exercise that can be used during classic weightlifting as well as rehabilitation programs. Its integrated technology has the fastest sensors available to assist weight trainers during their exercises so that supervision is not necessary. “My bench press is the perfect training and rehabilitation program because it permits variable loads during the same exercise,” said Favro. “As an aerospace engineer, I wanted to create a strength training machine that can be used in a zero gravity space environment.”

Another technologically advanced feature of the AF Hybrid Bench Press is that its parameters can be controlled directly by a smartphone using a dedicated mobile app. “The app allows for training to be planned with precision,” said Favro. “And, since the bench press is controlled electronically rather than with weights, the AF Hybrid Bench Press is 100 percent wheelchair accessible.” The machine was designed for wheelchair accessibility and actually generates movements in the case of paralyzed limbs.

Supporters of the AF Hybrid Bench Press contributing to the crowdfunding campaign can enjoy a range of perks, the most basic of which are name recognition, preorder priority, AF-Code logo t-shirts, discounted app access, pre-loaded AF Sports workout programs, and diet programs. Starting at the €110 level, contributors will receive an invitation to try the prototype while contributors at the €200 level will be invited to try the final version of the AF Hybrid Bench Press. Those contributing €1,000 and higher will receive a discount on purchase and shipping of the machine.


About AF-Code

AF-Code specializes in designing products that are accessible for both fully-abled and disabled consumers. Headed by aerospace engineer Albert Favro, AF-Code has designed the AF Hybrid Bench Press and plans to develop many more products in the future.

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