Journeys to Somewhere Else, a collection of artwork by John Avon, will be a large hardcover book that includes the artist’s work for Magic: The Gathering and more.

BRIGHTON, UK–John Avon is a renowned artist who has been illustrating fantasy art for over 30 years. His artwork can be found on books, card games, record covers, and more. In collaboration with his business partner, Guy Coulson, he has been producing a book of collected fantasy artwork to present to his fans. The book, Journeys to Somewhere Else, will be a large hardback that is full of the artist’s work. To make the book available to all at an affordable price, John Avon Art has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a funding goal of £24,000. The campaign will end on July 20, 2014.

Over the years, the artist has worked on an incredibly large range of subjects. Not only has Avon created book covers for famous authors such as Stephen King, he has also designed numerous images for the popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. To view his portfolio, visit his webpage at

John Avon Art has been given permission to include artwork from Magic: The Gathering for the first edition of Journeys to Somewhere Else. This may be a one-time opportunity to own a complete collection of the artist’s work that includes many of his designs for the card game. This fantastic book will also contain some working sketches and a few surprises.

The project will only be funded if the financial goal is met. A lot of the work has been completed upfront, including the hiring of print and distribution partners. Avon has created a magnificent new painting, which will be used as the book’s cover. All images are lined up and ready for production. A book designer has been selected, and Todd Lockwood has agreed to write the book’s introduction.

The basic book will contain 180 pages, but could be stretched to 238 pages if enough money is raised. A deluxe, limited edition collector’s version of the book has also been designed, which will include a slip case, extra pages, and a special chapter on how the artist works. Journeys to Somewhere Else will be printed using sustainable practices. Only alcohol-free, vegetable oil-based inks will be used. Paper will be sourced from sustainably managed forests and printed according to Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

Supporters are gifted an amazing range of perks including original artist sketches from Magic: The Gathering, original paintings by the artist, and the Deluxe Limited Edition book. Two backers, who support the campaign with a £600 pledge, will be given the opportunity to have dinner with artist John Avon and cowriter, Guy Coulson. To support the artist and make the art collection book available, visit

About John Avon Art:

John Avon Art is a partnership between artist John Avon and his agent, Guy Coulson. John is a British illustrator who works primarily in Science Fiction and Fantasy. After earning a graphic design degree in Brighton, UK, he started his career as a book cover illustrator. He has illustrated book covers for many famous writers including Stephen King, Peter James, Terry Pratchett, Arthur C. Clarke, Harry Harrison, and many others. In 1996, in co-operation with Wizards of the Coast, he started a long career producing numerous designs for the worldwide collective trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. He has been voted as one of the best-loved artists for the card game at


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