Accessory designer seeks crowdfunding to design and manufacture a simple way to add variety and style to your shoes at an affordable price.


QUEENS, NY. – Every woman, no matter how big or small her shoe collection, has had the experience of just not having the right shoes for an occasion. Good quality, stylish shoes are expensive, but the right shoe can make or break an outfit, which, for a formal affair or job interview, is a big consideration. Finding the right balance between cost, versatility and style can be very difficult, which is why Simona Glueck, founder of Stulpino, came up with an innovative solution to get more out of your shoes without spending huge amounts of money. When her friend Christina faced a fashion crisis with a broken pair of dress shoes, Glueck designed the Stulpino, a knitted heel accessory that can dress up any pair of heeled shoes by adding color and texture to the heel. In addition to making your dress pumps more versatile, Stulpino helps protect the heel of your shoes from scuffs and scratches, giving your most loved shoes longer life and saving you expensive repairs. A modern lifestyle that includes driving, sitting at your desk, using stairs or revolving doors will find Stulpino a must have accessory.

Sustainably knitted from fine yarn, Stulpino slips over the heel of any high-heeled shoe and fastens around the ankle with a built-in elastic band, giving you a snug fit around any heel type. Stulpino fastens with a strap that buttons up; choose a same or contrasting color button to add even more elegance to your style. Designed in a variety of colors, Stulpino is an easy, affordable way to make neutral shoes coordinate with any outfit by adding a pop of color.

To fund the manufacturing of Stulpino, Glueck and her team have turned to Kickstarter, where backers can pledge towards the completion of the project. Rewards at different pledge levels range from having your name used to inspire a future Stulpino design, up to packs of multiple Stulpinos in every available color for really dedicated backers. All funds from Kickstarter go towards the design and manufacture of Stulpino, with the company aiming to expand the range of available colors and develop a sustainable manufacturing process so that they can produce Stulpino in large quantities at low prices.


About Stulpino


Founded by Simona Glueck, Stulpino’s team has over 12 years experience in contract manufacturing, which they now turn towards development of the Stulpino. Dedicated to sustainability, stylishness and versatility, Stulpino aims to enable women to experiment and play with their fashion in unique ways, without breaking the bank. To support their campaign, visit

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