FMCode’s new MicroUPS protects operating systems and data on microcomputers

POLAND— People who use microcomoputer, including Raspberry, BeagleBone and CubieBoard, can now enjoy more power source flexibility with the new MicroUPS device that provides an uninterrupted power supply. The creator of the MicroUPS has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $30,000 by June 17, to test the device for safety compliance and make it available to the market.

With the MicroUPS, those working on microcomputers can enjoy the same flexibility of a laptop’s power supply that uses a cord to switch back and forth between battery power and electrical socket power. The MicroUPS’ Li-Ion cells recharges when the computer is plugged in regardless of whether the power is on or off – just like a laptop computer. “An uninterrupted power supply protects a computer’s operating system as well as the data it houses,” said MicroUPS creator Marek Florianczyk.

In addition to an uninterrupted power supply, the MicroUPS provides microcomputers with an ATX-style power switch, which enables users to power on and off their operating system without having to log in or mess with power cables. “Four LED lights indicate the status of the microcomputer’s operating system or applications running on the operating system,” said Florianczyk. “The LEDs are controlled by a binary command provided by the MicroUPS software.”

The MicroUPS comes with the option of four different battery packs: 1400 mAh, 2800 mAh, 6000 mAh, and 12000 mAh. All of these can be ordered without a case, with a single case for the MicroUPS device and battery pack, or with a dual case for the MicroUPS and Raspberry.

The final version of the MicroUPS and its software are complete as well as the laser-cut Perspex glass cases, which are available in seven vivid colors. Once the device is tested for CE and FCC safety compliance, it will be ready for mass production. Money raised from the crowdfunding campaign will help get the product ready for the global market.

Starting at the $34 level, campaign contributors will receive a free MicroUPS device. Contributors at the highest level of $110 will receive a MicroUPS device with Li-Ion battery pack, two cables for power output and serial data, and a big case for the MicroUPS and Raspberry microcomputer.


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