The Power Station 25000 can charge up to five mobile devices away from an electrical outlet.

CARDIFF, WALES— Virtually everyone has a rechargeable device like a cell phone or tablet, and in many cases one person has several devices to charge. In fact the average family has at least five mobile devices. Finding outlet space and keeping cords untangled can be a headache – especially while away from home. A new product called the Power Station 25000 has solved all of these problems in one simple device, and the creator of the product has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $180,000 by July 16 to help get the product on the market.

The Power Station 25000 is a revolutionary tool that can charge up to five devices simultaneously with its five USB ports. The beauty of the Power Station 25000 is that it can accomplish the recharging of phones, tablets, cameras, and other devices without access to a wall outlet. “With the Power Station 25000, you can be in the car, out in nature, or just about anywhere and recharge,” said the product creator Gianfranco Apollonio.

A symbiosis of five chargers, the Power Station 25000 runs on a portable 25,000 mAh battery. The battery only takes one electrical outlet to charge, and once it is full, the Power Station 25000 can be taken anywhere to charge mobile devices. “The power of the 25,000 mAh battery is enough to charge five tablets simultaneously or any assortment of phones, tablets, smart watches, headphones, cameras, Blue Tooth devices, etc.,” said Apollonio. “The five USB ports have a capacity of 2.5 amps each.”

With the Power Station 25000, packing for a trip away from home is easy. The one product can charge every mobile device and is an optimal size for carrying or packing in a bag. “It never fails that I will leave the house and find that my cell phone is low on battery charge,” said Apollonio. “The Power Station 25000 enables me to charge my phone away from an outlet.” One battery, one socket, and five mobile device chargers – the Power Station 25000 has it all.


Contributors to the crowdfunding campaign will receive the best price on the first Power Station 25000 products. For a contribution of $97, supporters of the campaign will receive a Power Station 25000 with free shipping. The product will be available during the third quarter of 2014. To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit

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