We thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves. So every week, a couple members of the Kickstarter team will be saying hello, and picking out a few projects — past or present, successful or not — that they’re especially fond of. (They will also be posing for GIFs. The GIFs are mandatory.)

This week, meet Michael and Carol:

Michael Stewart (@michaelcstewart)

Job: “I do some weird things to help out around here but mostly I support our CEO in his day-to-day. I also shoot a lot of Vines.”

  • The Field Guide to Nachos — “Nachos are my favorite food (sorry you had to find out like this, pizza). It’s about time an enterprising individual collected all the different kinds in a portable reference book.”
  • In Search of a Sole — “I’m a secret shoe enthusiast; I’ve backed four shoe projects on Kickstarter so far. This one came from a really swell couple in Canada that makes the coolest bespoke leather shoes together.”
  • Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared — “Gosh, I really hope this project makes it. It’s a dark, mind-bending puppet show with insanely high production value. Plus it has the truest risks and challenges I’ve ever seen.”

Carol Benovic (@CarAnnBen)

Job: “I put words together to help explain the tools and function of Kickstarter. I also take lots of meeting minutes and enjoy using post-its.”

  • The Birthday Cake Project — “I love the idea of taking a little bit of time each day to celebrate something. Louise’s project aims to do just that. She’s going to celebrate 30 consecutive birthdays throughout the month of June with new friends, cake and interviews!”
  • Ultimate Christian Wrestling — “I’m a huge fan of wrestling. Jae-Ho’s project, ‘Ultimate Christian Wrestling’, is a documentary that drives home the fact that while some story lines within wrestling shows are fictional, the stories of the folks behind the masks, capes and moves are all very real.”
  • I Am Santa Claus — “Keeping with the theme of celebrating and wrestling, I obviously backed ‘I Am Santa Claus,’ which features the one and only Mick Foley. Mick was one of me and my brothers’ favorite wrestlers while we were growing up. ‘I Am Santa Claus’ is a look into the lives of dudes who dress up as Santa. Can’t wait to see this documentary!”
  • The Heartless Machine Guide to Drawing — “I love journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, postcards and diaries. Anything I can put words and doodles on, basically. The Heartless Machine Guide to Drawing is an awesome book filled with partial sketches; great drawing inspiration. I also met Hanna and Dami at our block party after backing their projects (Experience Journal & A Memory Between Us). I can’t wait to write and draw on these, and send some awesome postcards to my friends.”

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