A fun, entertaining game all about protecting wildlife.

Panda’s Ark: Play and Donate, a game being developed by Crucial App Concepts, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com. The campaign started May 16, 2014 and will continue to run through June 30, 2014. The goal of the campaign is to raise $7,500.

Panda’s Ark is a creative, entertaining game developed for iOS and Android platforms. It is entertaining for all ages, but it carries a single purpose: to protect wildlife. By playing the game, players will increase the percentage of their donations to charities around the globe dedicated to protecting the wilderness. Players can donate currency in-game to the animal of their choice, but throughout the process they’ll have fun and go on an exciting journey.

“What better way to bring awareness about this growing problem and generate funds to protect wildlife?” states a representative from developing firm Crucial App Concepts. “The game is fun, addicting and serves a greater purpose.”

Panda’s Ark will be offered free in app stores. At the start of the game, players will select one of three unlocked animals. Then they will go on a journey saving more animals, one at a time, until all have reached Panda’s Ark. The game is simple and can be even played by children. But, because it is being offered free, developers need help from the public to finish creating the game and bring it to the market for everyone to enjoy.

Crucial App Concepts is asking for $7,500. But, those who pledge won’t be without a few benefits. In fact, those who donate $3,500 or more can have an animal designed from their own concept and choose the charity of their choice to donate to! Pledge amounts range from $5 up to $5,000. Other benefits include playing the Beta launch, giving feedback to developers, and having custom game portfolios unlocked.


About Crucial App Concepts

Crucial App Concepts is an innovative application development firm located in Katy, TX. They are dedicated to mobile development and offer high quality, cost-effective development for companies and individuals. To learn more about their development style and services, visit their website or check out the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo.com.


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