Coreskins is a thin, multilayered iPhone skin product that can be repositioned for easy centering.

GERMANY—Decorative cell phone skins are fun and expressive, but applying the adhesive product can be challenging. Coreskins are a patented new multilayered iPhone skin product that are easy to stick to a cell phone and even reposition until they are properly centered – all without the user having to touch the adhesive. In fact, the part of Coreskins that stays on the iPhone is never touched. The creator of Coreskins has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 by June 21 to begin manufacturing this new product.

Coreskins are easy to apply to a phone because they have two tabs on the assisting layer of the product – one for each hand – that users hold during application. “Coreskins’ tabs allow you to center the skin accurately over the screen, camera lens, speaker and home button of your iPhone without ever having to touch the adhesive part of the product,” said Coreskins creator Cetin Vural. “The two assisting tabs allow users to reposition the product without touching the skin itself or its adhesive.”

The patented design of Coreskins allows users to stick a thin adhesive foil onto a smartphone without damaging the skin. “Coreskins are made from a thin material that looks and feels sleek but is still easy to stick accurate to the surface of an iPhone,” said Vural.

Coreskins allows users to remove the skin and try again if the application is crooked or has an air pocket. “We recommend users utilize a credit card or similar card to press Coreskins onto their iPhone in one sweeping motion,” said Vural. “Even if you have to take the whole thing off and start again, Coreskins will not stretch or warp.”

Coreskins are thin enough that users opt to use a clear case to protect their iPhone from damage while still showcasing their Coreskin cover. Designed to fit iPhone models 5/5S and 4/4S, Coreskins come in six designs, including Union Jack Vintage and Stars and Stripes. Other designs include Gold Dust, Binary Code, Ornament, and Roses.

Early bird supporters of the crowdfunding campaign can enjoy a special limited price of $15 for one Coreskin. After the early bird quantity is met, contributors at the $18 donation level will receive a choice of their favorite Coreskins product. Those contributing $35 will receive a set of two Coreskins, and those contributing $68 will receive a set of four.

About Coreskins

Coreskins is a German company founded by Cetin Vural. For more information about Coreskins, visit To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit

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