Two years ago HiddenRadio Design launched their award winning HiddenRadio Bluetooth Speaker. Their first project was extremely well received by the crowdfunding community, crushing their goal of $125,000 by reaching a final pledge amount of $938,771. With much success and having an award winning design HiddenRadio is back, launching their sophomore debut, the HiddenRadio2 Bluetooth MultiSpeaker.

With the HiddenRadio2, this design group sought to create a more impressive device than before. The HiddenRadio2’s design is focus around the speaker itself. It is the simplest and most intuitive wireless speaker for your home.

By touching the cap, HiddenRadio2 glides up to reveal the speaker. With a tap of your finger, this smart touch technology gives listeners the power to pause or play their songs, change the track, or adjust the volume.

The advance feature set has been modified to make your listening experience as simple as possible. Simply tap the speaker to turn it on, select the HiddenRadio icon on your phone, iPad, or computer, and listen to your favorite music in seconds. Also if you have a NFC device, just touch the cap and you have full control of your system.

This innovative wireless Bluetooth speaker can also be used as an alarm clock or speakerphone system, as well as the ability to pair with other speaker for simultaneous play. But the biggest change between the HiddenRadio and the HiddenRadio2, is the dynamically expanded speaker chamber, which has over twice the volume as the original and delivers an impressive bass response. HiddenRadio Design has perfected an equal balance of high frequency sound and bass due to its NeoDymium Dual Speaker.

With the HiddenRadio2’s incredible amount of technology, this device is more sophisticated and advanced than your average portable Bluetooth Speaker.

THE STEAL: $149 and selling out fast!

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