The headphones have been designed to last due to their leather and metal construction. To make the new product available, a Crowdsourcing Campaign on Indiegogo has been launched.

Malmö, Sweden–DANDYCAN is inviting the public to help offer people a sound and sustainable lifestyle. The Scandinavian team has designed a set of headphones that are durable and made to last. After two years of development, a crowdsourcing campaign on Indiegogo will launch on Friday, August 29, with a crowdfunding goal of $200,000 USD.

DANDYCAN HEADPHONES designer, Daniel Åhman, was frustrated with how often he needed to purchase new headphones, so he decided to make a lasting headset product. Most headphones are not hard-wearing and have to be replaced frequently because they are designed poorly, made out of plastic materials, or the mechanics of the product are weak. Once headphones are dead, they usually get thrown away because no parts of the product are salvageable. The DANDYCAN HEADPHONES are constructed with leather and metal and contain durable and simple mechanical parts.

The headphone’s cable and ear pads can be interchanged. Wearers can easily change the ear pads or cable after a run or sweaty workout. The ear pads and the cable are the only parts that may eventually wear out after years and years of use. The DANDYCAN package includes an extra set of ear pads and extra cable in case that happens.

DANDYCAN HEADPHONES are very comfortable to wear. Softest protein leather is used in the headband and ear pads, creating a comfortable fit. The ear pads also have integrated memory foam. The headphones are adjustable and come pre-angled at 5-15 degrees, the most natural position for most wearers. Music lovers will be pleased with the 40 mm high quality speakers, which put out a natural sound. The design of the headphones is modern, retro and sleek.

The DANDYCAN HEADPHONES Indiegogo campaign offers at least 50% off of the retail price. The very first supporters of the campaign can receive a high quality headset for $80 USD, which is a savings of $169. DANDYCAN has set the price as low as possible as a way to encourage support. This attitude is exhibited in the FAQ, which states, “We want to offer our supporters (hopefully you) a super deal since they invest in our vision.” A Dandy Influencer program has been set up, in which supporters may receive the headphones for free by referring ten others to the campaign. To view the campaign page, visit In the future, DANDYCAN would like to offer the headphones in numerous colors and different sizes.


After two years of design and development, the team at DANDYCAN has announced the release of its first product: DANDYCAN HEADPHONES. Located in Sweden, the team is comprised of Daniel Åhman, a Swedish product designer, along with Graham Adey, Björn Callenfors, Sara Åhman, and Johan Åhman. Visit the company’s website at

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