Raft-Tan allows sunbathers to relax while floating on the water, and its creator seeks crowdfunding to make his idea a reality.

BORDEAUX, FRANCE—Tanning on a beach can be peaceful, but other people enjoying the beach can get in the way and overcrowd. The inventor of the Raft-Tan has solved the problem of enjoying the sun without dealing with intrusions of fellow beachgoers, and he has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $150,000 by September 24 to help finish the prototype and bring the product to market.

Raft-Tan provides a unique way for sunbathers to enjoy the beach – by distancing themselves from the crowd. Raft-Tan is a flat top boat with enough room for two sunbathers to float safely anchored in the sand near the shore. “The gentle waves pleasantly cradle the sunbather while they are distanced from the craziness of the beach crowd,” said Raft-Tan creator Patrice Deumie. “Rather than compete for a spot on the sand, you can create your own island.”

Unlike an inflatable mattress, which is not anchored and can quickly float miles away from shore, the Raft-Tan securely anchors in the sand. It also features a rigid floating platform, which is unlike an air mattress that is likely to capsize while the sunbather changes positions. The Raft-Tan can be used alone or has enough space to float two people.

In order to get the Raft-Tan to the market, its creator has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create and test a prototype and then produce the product. Supporters of the crowdfunding campaign will receive perks for their support. Those contributing $199 will receive a 50 percent discount on a single-sized Raft-Tan. Contributors giving $750 will have their name or company logo engraved on the first series of Raft-Tan. Those giving $2,500 will receive a double-sized Raft-Tan.

In addition to the special pricing available through the crowdfunding campaign, contributors can also enter to win a free double-sized Raft-Tan. “For every 50 people who donate $100 to our campaign, we will choose one winner to receive a free Raft-Tan,” said Deumie. “The winners will each receive an email from us after the campaign has ended to discuss customizing their free Raft-Tans.”

For those who want a tranquil tanning experience without getting water or sand kicked in their eyes and without dealing with the over crowdedness of the beach, then leave the beach and take to the water with Raft-Tan.


About Raft-Tan

Imagined and created by Patrice Deumie, Raft-Tan is the newest way to catch some rays without dealing with over crowdedness at the beach. For more information or to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit igg.me/p/888260/x.

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