Maui business launches crowdfunding campaign to bring to market the first wearable Sonic Camouflage shark deterrent


MAUI–NoBite Technologies has created a long-range and easily understandable shark deterrent called the Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus. Using Sonic Camouflage technology, the O.R.C.A. emits sounds that keep sharks at a comfortable distance. NoBite has launched a crowd-funding campaign on to raise $175,000 by August 17. The devices will come with a “No Bite Guarantee” of $1 million.

The O.R.C.A. was created following eight shark attacks on Maui in 2013. After realizing that many ocean-goers were reluctant to go back into the water, NoBite Technologies co-founder Brandon Martin invented the O.R.C.A. “Some of my friends were afraid to get back out there,” said Martin. “So we developed a solution based on evolutionary science. Shark culling and other mitigation programs are far too disruptive to be a viable option,” he adds.

On Friday, August 1, the O.R.C.A. was successfully tested by a group of six professional marathon swimmers on their 43-mile, 16-hour long swim from Santa Barbara Island to Catalina Island. The swimmers entered the water around midnight, surrounded by hundreds of sea lions engaged in a feeding frenzy, in an area known to be frequented by great white, tiger, and mako sharks. “I am considering the ORCA a complete success, since there were no sightings of sharks in a channel which has an abundance of sharks,” said Julian Rusinek, who swam the relay, officially observed by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (SBCSA).

Since the 1970s, research has shown that killer whale calls and other sounds can cause some shark species to move away,” said Dr. Manue Martinez, PhD in Marine Biology and Head Researcher at Pacific Whale Foundation. “The O.R.C.A. brings existing science to a wearable device.” Western Australia has recently been testing this technology on a large scale at popular beaches. “As a result of extensive testing, we are so confident that you will not be bitten by a shark while wearing an O.R.C.A. that we are offering an industry first, No Bite Guarantee,” Martin adds.

The O.R.C.A. is a compact and stylish device worn on the wrist or ankle that is safe and easy to use, and harmless to the environment. Using a sophisticated computer and amplifier, the O.R.C.A has a range of up to 100 feet (30m). With the 12-hour battery life, users can enjoy the ocean with peace of mind all day. The O.R.C.A.’s bright LED display gives a clear indication of its charge status, turning red when recharging is necessary and green when fully charged. An included USB dongle allows for waterproof charging. The durable neoprene wrist strap integrates other shark counter measures. Additional technological features (such as smart phone integration) are planned once the minimum funding goal is reached.

The campaign will help NoBite Technologies get the O.R.C.A. on the market for international sales. Supporters of the campaign will receive perks ranging from a company t-shirt with a $27 contribution to a limited early bird special price for the O.R.C.A. device with a $71 contribution, or a package of four O.R.C.A. for $371.


About NoBite Technologies, LLC


Helping people feel more comfortable in nature without using chemical-based or disruptive products, NoBite Technologies’ products are created to keep animals a comfortable distance from humans. The company is committed to corporate sustainability and keeping a majority of the production process on Maui to help stimulate the local economy, create jobs, and be responsible members of the local community. The O.R.C.A. team is comprised of doctors of marine biology specializing in sharks and whales as well as advanced engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs– all of whom are ocean lovers.


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