The new music publishing company will give composers, arrangers, and editors an easy opportunity to distribute their work. Musicians and music schools can download all types of musical scores with personalized options.

LUETJENBURG, Germany–Digital Sheet Music of All for All was founded by musician and musicologist Jannis Fischer. Desiring to create a publishing company that gives new opportunities in the modern world, Fischer launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds. The project has an end date of August 23, 2014, and a funding goal of €800,000 EUR.

Fischer aspires to start a publishing company for digital sheet music that is essentially an e-shop for musical scores. Through the e-shop, anyone can publish music for free and then distribute it for free or for a fee. Composers, arrangers, and editors can make their scoresavailable through the new publishing company. This will be a great opportunity for musical composers and arrangers because it gives them the chance to expose their work to the public. The digital sheet music can be sold for free or for the price that the creator attaches to it.

Funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign will pay for the business’s running costs for one year, including property rent for the business, the hiring of employees, and the purchasing of equipment. The campaign is considered to be an important venture because it will allow for the building of the very first sheet music company that is customer driven and focused primarily on digital sheet music. Consumers can obtain high-definition quality and readable sheet music that will be personalized to their needs and available right on their mobile device.

The new publishing company will be able to include sheet music for any piece that is in the public domain. Schools and Universities will be givenrequired grades for free through the website. Otherwise, the sheet music will have a fixed price per page. Customers can order personalized sheet music, with the information and layout arranged as he or she requires for 1 cent per sheet for PDF or XML files. The customer can also obtain Sibelius, Finale, or Capella files for 50 cents per sheet. Pieces can be designed to the shopper’s exact requirements, with all wanted parts and no more.

Supporters of the publishing company will be granted non-expiring coupons that can be used at the music e-shop and are equal to the pledge amount. Those who pledge are also offered Sibelius, Finale, Capella, and XML files for 1 cent per page with the coupon. To support the Indiegogo campaign, visit

AboutEdition J. Fischer:

Jannis Fischer received his Musicology degree in Hamburg, Germany. He is from Luetjenburg, a small town in northern Germany. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, accordion, trumpet, euphonium, and tuba. As a bass soloist, he performs in semi-professional choirs. Edition J. Fischer hopes to be the first interactive music publishing company in the world. 

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