Supporters of the campaign will have lifetime access as a team member and will be able to jointly rule the team with others around the world.

SHYMKENT, Kazakhstan– Cybersport games are a very popular hobby. MyE-Sports Team is creating a networking game community, in which every member will have a hand in team decision making, creating a truly unique experience. They are asking for support through Indiegogo to make the game a reality. The campaign goal is $25,000 USD and the project will end on July 11, 2014.

MyE-Sports Team is offering gamers an opportunity to run a real e-sports team, which can be shared by people all over the globe. Each member will have rights of choice and will be directly involved in all resolutions made for the e-team. Team members get to vote on key decisions such as team naming, team logo, kit design, budget expenditures, game selection, player contracts, and more. Each member has the ability to propose an idea to the management team. The idea, if it matches the principles of the team, will be displayed to all other society members for consideration. This is achance to let people become involved in the progress of the team.

Standard supporters of the game, who pledge $25 or more, will have lifetime access to all privileges of the MyE-Sports Team society and the team itself. The society is also offering silver, gold, and platinum status, with supplementary privileges. Silver members will be able to participate in all contests and competitions and will be given a silver member badge. Gold members will have exclusive rights as future players of the team through games arranged between team players and gold members. These special members will also have the opportunity to video Skype with team players and will be given a gold member badge. Five top supporters, who pledge $2,800 USD, will have the title of platinum member. They receive all the benefits of standard, silver, and gold members plus the privilege of traveling to a chosen tournament with team players. Supporters have the opportunity to receive a t-shirt with the MyE-Sports Team logo on it with certain pledges.

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About MyE-Sports Team:

MyE-Sports Team was founded by a team of two people, Madiyar Karatayev and Beket Kassymbekov, in Kazakhstan. They have a goal of creating an e-sports environment where team members have ownership in the team and are able to help steer the team’s development.A website will launch soon at

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