The company plans to distribute the premier game- The Game of Mathematics- to schools throughout the United States. They are seeking supporters through Fund Anything.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin –Math is a difficult subject for many students. Landmark Games & Toys, Inc. has createdThe Game of Mathematics, a fun board game that helps children learn important math skills, from the basics to advance. Now, the company wishes to distribute the game to numerous schools throughout the United States. To achieve this aim, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched through Fund Anything entitled “A Fun Way to Learn Math!” With a goal of $49,800, Landmark Games & Toys, Inc. plans to manufacture 3,000 board games and deliver them to schools across the country.

The Game of Mathematics is a 2-sided board game that comes in three versions: Primary Set, Intermediate Set, and Combo Set. The fun board game can help students who are just beginning their math skills and those who are seeking a challenge. The hope is that the tool will help many children conquer their math learning struggles.

It is proven that education based play contributes greatly to the learning of new skills or advancing a skill set. Information is retained more easily through the use of play. Not only does The Game of Mathematics teach math skills through play, it also enhances children’s learning by developing social skills, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging unity with team players. The lessons taught through the game meet the mathematic standards outlined in Common Core.

Schools and recreation centers have given positive reviews of the educational board game. The Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools reviewed the game and then ordered games for his students. He was very pleased with it and said the game had merit. Now, The Game of Mathematics has a chance to enter more school districts and recreational centers including Boys & Girls Clubs, youth camps, and daycare centers.

Supporters will be benefiting children in schools throughout the country by giving them a tool that will help them learn the necessary subject of mathematics. All backers will receive a signed letter of appreciation from Landmark Games & Toys, Inc. Supporters who pledge $25 or more will be gifted a specially designed “Go Math” wrist band. Generous backers are given the premier game itself and top supporters will be given a package of multiple games, which can be given to a school or organization of their choosing, or otherwise distributed as they see fit. To become a supporter of the campaign, visit


About Landmark Games & Toys, Inc.:

Landmark Games & Toys, Inc. was founded by two brothers in the Midwest. As caring parents, they both endeavored to start the family owned and operated business, which creates game and toy products that are educational, fun, safe, and entertaining. For the past few years, the company has marketed the premier product, The Game of Mathematics, to the local educational systems. The long term goal is to make the game available to schools nationwide and then to distribute it through the retail industry. They also plan to create toys, children’s books, and even more board games. To view more about the company, visit

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