The first ergonomic adjustable bicycle designed for the 99%


Brooklyn, New York: Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, custom fit, carbon fiber bike for less than a thousand dollars. Brooklyness introduces the new ergonomic “Universal Bike” with a Kick starter campaign starting June 30th.

Backers can get a fully adjustable “Universal Bike” made in carbon fiber for $995 and a three-speed version for $1295. Early backers can secure a special offer for $895 and $1195 respectively. The funds will be used for production tooling and to develop the “Size & Fit” app that calculates the proper setting for the bike and rider.

We want to get everyone riding!  To that end, we focused our efforts on understanding why people do not regularly ride bicycles and we found that comfort is one of the main reasons that keep people from riding more often. 

With this challenge in mind, we designed the “Universal Bike”, the first carbon fiber ergonomic bicycle for the masses. Our proprietary design allows for an easy change of geometry, making it possible for one bicycle to fit 99% of the population. With three basic measurements of the rider’s body and a riding preference, our “Size and Fit” app calculates the right setting ensuring a perfect fit.

Our market is people that have the intention to ride but are not doing it now. According to the Pedestrian & Bicycle Information Center, 18% of the adults in the US rode a bike at some point during 2012. However, less than 1% rides on a regular basis. This tells us that there are a large percentage of the people that have the intention of riding but do not stick with it. We attribute this to the lack of comfort.

It is proven that having a bicycle that fits your body is the most efficient and enjoyable way to ride a bike, that is why all performance athletes get their bikes custom made. Some people that are not professional riders also have the opportunity to get a bicycle made to size, similar to a custom made suit, however this is an expensive option and is only available to a select few.

With our carbon fiber adjustable frame, “The Universal Bicycle”, we aim to bring all the benefits of a custom built bicycle to a greater percentage of the population.


About Brooklyness: Our mission is to get more people riding bikes in urban environments. To that end, we design, build and sell cycles for the city dweller. Our products are practical mobility solutions, crafted to provide comfort and style.


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