This notebook has hidden magnets.
Orange Monkie

Magnets aren’t just for refrigerators and keeping covers attached to your iPads. The Magnote from Orange Monkie on Kickstarter embeds magnets into the spines of notepads so they can flock together or be pulled apart as needed. It’s an intriguing way to keep writing and planning projects apart, but still together.

The small details are what make this notebook noteworthy. It’s about the size of an iPad Mini. It sits flat when you open it, so you don’t have to battle the binding when you write in it. It plays nice with fountain pens, if you’re really dedicated to old-school writing technology. It comes in your choice of ruled and grid versions, with a variety of different planner types also on tap.

The planner portion (dubbed the “Magplanner”) of the design is both minimalist and useful. For the daily planners, a round clock-face pattern gives you room to write in appointments by having them radiate out from the correct time. It’s more fun than filling in the usual scheduling grids you’ll find in most planners.

The Magnote is heading for a $35,000 funding goal and is about $10,000 away with nearly a month to go. A $29 pledge hooks you up with your choice of three notebooks. A $43 pledge gets you a choice of four of the planner styles. You can click them together or keep them separated depending on your mood.

Though digital has been a conquering force in society, paper isn’t giving up just yet. There’s still something very satisfying about taking real notes with a pen or pencil and having a scheduler that doesn’t require booting up an electronic device to see your next appointment. The Magnote is aiming to please the same crowd that collects Moleskines and buys fountain pens. Orange Monkie is hoping the magnets help make it stick to the market.

Magnotes next to an iPad Mini.
Orange Monkie

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